Visions ov Hell: Qoheleth – “SXSG”

qoheleth - sxsg

They say that bad times make for great art, and while I don’t dispute the claim, I sure wish we didn’t need to turn the world into a garbage fire of greed and hate in order to get some great records.  We don’t, of course: plenty of great music comes from places not embroiled in the dark and cold recesses of humanity’s id, but Qoheleth have taken the fires that have stoked the outrage and protests of the last year and half and crafted a monster of an ambitious record in Black Kite Broadcasts, the follow-up to last year’s monolith of noise God Is The Warmest Place to Hide.  To that end Nine Circles is proud to once again be the place to premier a visual track from the new record as well as highlight the efforts of our friend and co-contributor Jeremy Hunt, so let’s get right into the mayhem of “SXSG” after the jump. Continue reading

Premiere: Domestikwom – “Dekulakization”

domestikwom - a peace that destroys

If you’ve read any of the guest posts Jonathan Petkau has done for Nine Circles, you know he’s a man of many hats.  Whether he’s chronicling the adventures of a cow trapped in space with his Spacekau synthwave project, keeping the #metalbandcampgiftclub community alive and well, or even podcasting about nerdy interests with like-minded metal nerds, his passion for all genres of metal is both intense and bonafide.  Nowhere is that more evident than with Domestikwom, his black metal project that’s set to release its debut full length A Peace That Destroys next month.  In advance of that Nine Circles is fired up to premier the first track off the album, the engulfing “Dekulakization.”    Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Qoheleth – “Advance of Inhumanity”

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 9.41.01 AM.png

We’ve seen music as catharsis, music as rage incarnate, and – all too often – music as opportunistic money grabs, which is odd considering nine times out of ten “success” in metal simply means maybe you can cut your other job down from 40 hours a week to maybe 20.  So it’s not only refreshing but vital to see the myriad expressions of noise band Qoheleth navigate the thorny issues of faith as it collides against the realities of the modern world and the blocking power of strict doctrine using a variety of media.  But since this is Visions ov Hell, we’ll focus for now on their debut video “Advance of Inhumanity.”  Continue reading