Visions ov Hell: Qoheleth – “SXSG”

qoheleth - sxsg

They say that bad times make for great art, and while I don’t dispute the claim, I sure wish we didn’t need to turn the world into a garbage fire of greed and hate in order to get some great records.  We don’t, of course: plenty of great music comes from places not embroiled in the dark and cold recesses of humanity’s id, but Qoheleth have taken the fires that have stoked the outrage and protests of the last year and half and crafted a monster of an ambitious record in Black Kite Broadcasts, the follow-up to last year’s monolith of noise God Is The Warmest Place to Hide.  To that end Nine Circles is proud to once again be the place to premier a visual track from the new record as well as highlight the efforts of our friend and co-contributor Jeremy Hunt, so let’s get right into the mayhem of “SXSG” after the jump. Positioned as a post-apocalyptic radio broadcast from a nightmare reality that may or may not reflect our own, “SXSG” by mock band Moss and the Cowpunchers comes fairly early on in Black Kite Broadcasts and has mixed with the band’s righteous noise an almost ethereal, ambient touch.  Swaths of psychedelia match the 60s experimental aesthetic in the video, but the lyrics and vocal delivery are anything but peace and love.  The song agonizes over the effect of money and greed over our humanity, and shouting the crimes of cruelty even though it may ultimately prove unheard.

I was a big fan of God Is The Warmest Place to Hide, but in Black Kite Broadcasts Qoheleth have really upped their game, injecting more influences and anchors of melody that reveal themselves in the raucous sound that is their calling card.  The conceit and execution is top-notch, and on the strength of “SXSG” and their other single recently released on the WOMAN charity compilation from Blackened Death Records all signs point to an elevation in every aspect of the band’s presence, and a strong light to shine in a dark time.

– Chris

Black Kite Broadcasts will be available April 27 from Bad Cake Records.  In the meantime, stay tuned to the band’s Bandcamp page and official website for more details.

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