Best of 2017: Zyklonius’ List

9C 2017 EOY Header Image

Another trip around the sun, another stellar year for metal, with a wealth of riveting riffage, pulverizing beats, blood-curdling growls and blazing tremolos. Verily, this is an era of abundance, where it is impossible to stay on top of the deluge of top-shelf metal released every week. Best of all, quality seems to go hand in hand with quantity. If there ever was an antithesis to the contemporary temptation for instant gratification and disposability, every album I included in my mid-year stocktaking exercise ended up on my end-of-year list, having continued to impress and astonish me as time went by, testament to the spectacular songwriting, boundless creativity and killer riff delivery of the bands that conjured up these stunning works of art. And just when I thought things could not get any better, both seasoned veterans and hungry newcomers arrived, bearing gifts of seismic impact. I hope the following releases enrich your life, even if only with a fraction of the effect they had on me. Now, dig in! Continue reading

Profile: Tyler Fedeli of Lör


Last week saw the independent release of progressive power metal band Lör‘s debut full length In Forgotten Sleep and if you missed out then, now is a great time to dig in because it’s a mountain of fun to listen to. There’s so much going on from power metal to death metal to folk to prog rock that it would seem, on first glance, that it wouldn’t work but it does and very well I might add. Take the excellent chops of Amorphis and blend them with the over the top epicness of Blind Guardian and you get the idea. We recently got the chance to ask Tyler Fedeli (lead vocals) our set of Profile questions so read on to see what he had to say. Continue reading