Rainbows in the Dark: Pågå — “The Evil Year”

2020 can be described as a lot of things, most of them far from pleasant.  I don’t think “evil” is a stretch, considering all of the rampant bullshit abounding and the world being a dumpster fire growing hotter and smellier every single day.  I have no idea if Sweden’s Pågå are referring specifically to this year with the title of their debut album The Evil Year, but considering the whole affair is winding down and this album is chock full of all things strange, outlandish and psychedelic, I have to think that’s where at least some inspiration came from.

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Album Review: Grave Pleasures – “Motherblood”


Their history reads like a bad fantasy novel: Out of the ashes of the Beastmilk arise the Grave Pleasures. It’s a 3rd level wizard spell in Dungeons & Dragons, but it’s also the reality as the former Beastmilk release their second album as Grave Pleasures.  The name may change but the sound remains the same: hook-laden hard rock heavily dosed with goth that slithers and worms its way into your brain.  That Motherblood does so better than any of their previous releases in either incarnation is no surprise when you dig deeper.    Continue reading