Album Review: Covet — “technicolor”

To say that Covet blew up quickly is something of an understatement.  The San Francisco based math-rock darlings are set to release only their second album, technicolor, but they’ve managed to garner an incredibly impressive internet presence, a not-insignificant portion of which is a vehicle to display frontwoman Yvette Young’s fretboard wizardy and bubbly personality.  I’ve been following them for as long as the almighty YouTube algorithm has been recommending me their online lessons and playthroughs, and there is no less dazzle here than previously, but on technicolor, the band manages to stretch textures to their limit and, to great effect. Continue reading

Album Review: Arriver – “Emeritus”

Arriver - Emeritus

It’s a fine balancing act, not letting precision lean too far into clinical. There’s a difference in temperature, between the ability to feel the intent behind the cascade of notes and surrendering to the dull numbness of the cascade washing over you with barely an imprint made. Chicago’s Arriver seem to be well aware of the tightrope act needed to pull off the precision required to tackle the angular, progressive and yes, precise metal that inhabits new album Emeritus and fortunately for us they pull it off with a confidence that belies the depths waiting inside. Continue reading