Profile: Mexico’s Death Metal Bruisers CRS


It’s amazing that CRS formed twenty eight years ago, — then known as Cirrosis — then released their debut twenty years ago, then silence. Fast forward to now and the band comes roaring back to life on their sophomore effort The Collector of Truths and it’s a love letter to the time they left behind. Industrial bombast, guttural death metal, and melodically progressive strains of genius all play out in equally large parts over the course of these eight tracks. Just ahead of the album’s release we caught up with CRS to find out more through our Profile set of questions so dig in and give them some support. Continue reading

Album Review: Serocs – “And When the Sky Was Opened”


I wasn’t going to write two reviews this week. It’s Thanksgiving. It’s time to sit back, loosen the belt and eat an incredibly unhealthy amount of food in honor of the Pilgrims (and eventually other people from England, Spain, Portugal, etc.) who set about destroying a beautiful, fertile country and massacring an entire population. But then I saw that no one had claimed the new Serocs album and I figured, if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself. Because, well, multi-national purveyors of technically proficient death metal Serocs are awesome. And their new album And When the Sky Was Opened is their best to date. Continue reading