Quickies: Megadeth, Mike Patton, and a live of stream of tonight’s Devin Townsend show!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone! May your wine glasses be full all day tomorrow!

No videos tonight. Sorry. But follow the link above. That’s the better option.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

– Corey

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up. 

Quickies: Album Sales, A Mike Patton Interview, and Stuff From Rob Zombie’s ’31’

Over halfway home for the week. Thank God for the back to back gloomy ass days. Seriously, it’s awesome. Really. Anyway, I’m within the last 7 work days until I leave for Germany… holy shitdick. None percent of me is ready. But more than none percent of me is ready to get caught up on the news…

Marriage is one of the dumbest things imaginable. But who wouldn’t want to get a beer with Robb Flynn? Dude’s legit. That clip was significantly shorter than any number of the mediocre music videos I happened across today. Oops, also NSFW.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

– Corey

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up. 

Sunday Side Splitter: Mike Patton Disses Wolfmother

Happy Sunday, metalheads. Noticed anything missing? Well, we didn’t get a Dump this week. Because…dammit, it was the 4th of July and Corey and I were both off doing NOT-blog things, as you all should have been, too. But now with the weekend almost over and a return to normalcy imminent, it’s time for our usual Sunday Side-Splitter. And as we alluded to in Episode 12, it’s high time we share the video of Mike Patton putting Wolfmother in their place:

Of course, I’ve already sung Mr. Patton’s praises on this topic in a past edition of our Throwback Thursday segment, but frankly, this merits its own moment in the spotlight. Because let’s not forget, folks: Wolfmother does, in fact, suck. There’s no way a band led by this guy couldn’t suck. And the manner in which Patton reminds us of this only adds to his legend. (I’m particularly a fan of the pantomimed brain-blow-out sequence at the end.) Can you imagine being the guy interviewing him in this scenario? Would be amazing, to say the least.

In any case, that’ll do it for this week. Enjoy your bacon and eggs, and beat that hangover.


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

Throwback Thursday: May 8, 2014

Time for another edition of Throwback Thursday! (Or as the kids–and us, on social media–refer to it, #tbt!) We’ve dug through our personal vaults and decided on our relics for this week, and they are…


My contribution this week is a short video called “Mike Patton Beer Throw.” Take a look below, focusing in particular on the first 30-odd seconds. In doing so, you’ll begin to understand why Mike Patton is one of my favorite people alive.

Sure, any serious conversation about the merits of Mike Patton would have to cover his incredible melodic and stylistic range as a vocalist. You’d also want to take into account his entirely accurate view on Wolfmother. And of course you’d have to touch on the fact that throughout his career, he’s taken on a diverse range of projects including not just Faith No More, but also Mr. Bungle. And Tomahawk. And Fantômas. And that album of classic Italian pop covers. And the score for The Place Beyond the Pines.

But put that all to the side for now, because MIKE PATTON JUST WALKED UP TO A CAR, TOOK THE PASSENGER’S BEER AND SLAMMED IT TO THE GROUND. (Okay, not “just;” this was at least 20 years ago, but still. The point is that on his part, Zero. Fucks. Were. Given.) I don’t know that I’ve ever watched the remaining almost-two-minutes of this video and I don’t know that I’ll ever need to. This moment is just too perfect.


Still giddy from finally getting my Metal-Train Bavaria ticket in the mail this past Tuesday, my contribution has to be related to Wacken Open Air (I’ll come down from this soon, I promise). The days are ticking by and the festival is drawing closer. My choice this week is “Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken” (Side note: Hypocrisy + Wacken = change of pants time). Full clip is below:

This was from Wacken Open Air 1998. The live album was released in 1999, and then the DVD in 2001. So it goes back a ways. But seriously, this performance is ridiculous. From the setlist to the energy to the sound quality. This is Peter at his absolute best. I actually heard a rumor that Hypocrisy’s soundcheck that day was a slim 3 hours. 3 friggin’ hours. For about an hour long set. This is both excessive and obsessive. But, I’ll take the finished product. If you don’t feel like sitting through an hour video (which is not a situation I can related to in this case), at least check out the opener, Roswell 47. It kills.

Anyway, this band continues to avoid me for the dumbest reasons, so I’ll be continuously resentful of that fact until I do see them live. But hey, it really is just a matter of time (I hope). Oh, and in case I’ve failed to mention it once or twice before, I’m going to Wacken this summer. And it’s going to be great. With or without Hypocrisy.

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Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.