Album Review: Nomad Stones – “Nomad Stones”


The Cave In family tree is a wondrous and many-splendored thing. These four men from Massachusetts have done enough for modern heavy music even if they had given us Cave In and Cave In alone. But due to the overflow of their talents and time, they’ve also blessed us with several off-shoots that, for the adventurous willing, are a blast to listen to in their own right: Clouds, Kid Kilowatt, King Duane Sunnapee, Mutoid Man, New Idea Society, The Octave Museum, Pet Genius, Zozobra, and Stephen Brodsky’s solo work (as well as broader connections to Converge, Doomriders, and Old Man Gloom). As a long-time fan, one of the things I’ve enjoyed most about all of these projects is the ability to break the Cave In kaleidoscope down into its various parts and see what fires the engines of each of the guys individually. Continue reading

Initial Descent: August 5, 2016

Chicago’s Russian Circles release their new album, Guidance, on August 5. (Photo by Nicholas Sayers)

Morning, kiddos. It’s a pretty cool Friday, all things considered. For one, it’s my last day at my job. For another, I just had my brain annihilated by Carcass, Ghoul and Night Demon last night at the Gramercy Theatre. (Also, Crowbar played.) You might say I’m kinda jacked on this week, and you’d be right. Factor in some new metal on top of that? Game on. So what’ve we got this week?

Well, we start with Guidance, the new, sixth album from Chicago instrumental trio Russian Circles. Beyond that? All manner of things: VukariNecromancing the Stone (which my colleague Manny-O-War is super high on), Bloody Hammers (with whom my other colleague Tenebrous Kate had an awesome interview)…you name it. Beginning this week, we’re also expanding our “Other New Releases of Note” section to cover even more new releases. Want your band featured in an upcoming edition? Send us your info! We’ve added a new submission form at the very end of the post to do just that.

Exciting stuff all around. But for now, let’s focus on this week — here’s what’s on tap:
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