Album Review: Norma Jean — “Deathrattle Sing For Me”

Nostalgia is a powerful force indeed.  Nostalgia is a huge draw in modern media, and for me there are still plenty of bands that I listen to mostly because of nostalgia.  This doesn’t mean that they have no merit outside of “I used to like them when I was younger” but the thing about nostalgia is that sometimes it slaps a big old pair of rose colored glasses on your face, and we tend to overlook faults in the name of the warm, fuzzy feeling we get, especially as our favorite bands get older.  Norma Jean is a band that is very nostalgic for me, but Deathrattle Sing For Me is definitely not an exercise in nostalgia.

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The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 106 (11.23.2019)

playlist - mixtape

Welcome again, ye chosen few, to another edition of the Nine Circles weekly mixtape.  There are a ton of good songs represented here by our almost full-house amount of contributions, so there’s bound to be something down there that will catch your ear.  Grab a cup of something strong dive in.

– Vincent

The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 54 (9.30.2018)

playlist - mixtape

We could go on and on about how good metal has been thus far in the year or about how far the headlong spiral into the abyss we will go before it stops or even debate on what matters and what doesn’t (none of which I’m doing here by the way). The only thing that really matters at this moment in time is this piece of words and that we’re sharing another playlist of what we’ve collectively found that stuck with us in some form or fashion over the past couple weeks. Music has a tendency to allow its listeners a place to go where they can shrug and not give a damn and hopefully you’ll find that place here. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here and head directly below for a playlist tailor made for Saturday.

– Josh

Quickies: 2015 Tour Announcements, the Lineup for Rocklahoma, and Johan Hegg-less Amon Amarth

It’s a three day week for this guy… and I’m ready for it to be over after day one. Go fucking figure.

I personally think it works really well.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

– Corey

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