Concert Review: Migration Fest, Part 1


Now that the dust has had time to settle over the past few weeks, I’m ready to start recounting the incredible experience that was my first trip to the Pacific Northwest for Migration Fest. Now, please keep in mind that the title this post is misleading. Calling this a ‘review’ may not be accurate. That would imply that there could have been some negative aspects of Migration weekend… and that just isn’t reality. No, this far better categorized as a recount. Or better yet, a praising. You may have also noticed that this is referenced as ‘Part 1’. I’ll cover Thursday (in part) and Friday here, and then offer my highlights of the other days… eventually. I didn’t feel like writing, not bombarding you, with about 2500 words of reading material in one sitting. You’re welcome.  Continue reading

Best of Q2: Dan’s List

nine circles

It’s funny…up until June, I was kind of ready to declare Q2 a “lost quarter.” We had a handful of decent releases early on in April, but then the well seemed to run a bit dry. It’s not like NOTHING good came out; the gems just weren’t quite dropping at the same rate they’d done during the first three months of the year. Enter June, though, and that all changed. We had Vattnet Viskar. We had Vanum. We had two stellar black metal releases (on the same day!) from Gilead Media, and we had the latest hour-long kick in the ass from the riff lord himself, Matt Pike. All of a sudden, Q2 didn’t look too bad!

Indeed, the last month’s made this recap difficult for a completely different reason than I’d expected. Instead of a shortage of great metal, we ended up with an abundance. I’ve tried my best to whittle it all down to 10 for this list — five favorites and five honorable mentions, all unordered — so here goes nothing:  Continue reading

Best of Q2: Corey’s List

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I was incredibly impressed with the onslaught of new metal that came our in the first quarter of the year. Headlined by the likes of Thulcandra, Enslaved, and Leviathan, to name a very small few, it seemed like a tough quarter to stack up against. But, then came Q2. Since April, we’ve been blessed with quality release after quality release from all stretches of the metal universe. Let’s look a little closer at it:

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The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 5 (June 21, 2015)

nine circles logo podcastThe guys jump into a HUGE week for new releases and share their thoughts on brand-new stuff from Vattnet Viskar, High on Fire and Pale Chalice. Plus, an attempt to understand what the hell’s going on with Morbid Angel anymore, and Dan shares his thoughts on the Bad Religion show he went to in Brooklyn last week!

All that and much, much more in Episode 5, so check it out!

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Initial Descent: June 16’s New Releases in Brief

steve brule hell
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It’s new release Tuesday—time for another edition of Initial Descent! And what a week we have this time out. Some black, some sludge, some more black. It’s a dandy. But let’s not waste any more time: here’s what we’ll be chatting about on this week’s podcast!

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