Rainbows in the Dark: god|screaming|breathing — “19-1-2019”

Imagine it: you’re wandering through the Appalachian forests, or maybe the Mohave desert or the ruins of an East Coast metropolis, or wherever the post-apocalypse collapse of the United States has taken you, and you turn on your Pip Boy to listen in to whatever radio frequencies still work.  Amid the static and the garbled transmissions broadcast over the spectrum, you find a lone guitar, gently strumming through some folk chords, not really playing anything intentional, but more for the sake of drawing a peaceful mood amid all the chaos.  That’s exactly what god|screaming|breathing and their newest offering 19-1-2019 is.

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Initial Descent: March 7 – 13, 2021

LG Petrov
L-G Petrov, credit Maciej Pieloch

First off, RIP to L-G Petrov. Death metal will never be the same without this legendary soul. This is not the way any of us wanted to start a new week, but here we are. Again. Unfortunately. New metal: Taking the lead is SC’s blackened thrash maniacs Demiser with a debut full length that’s sure to be the breakout hit of 2021, Eyehategod is back after a long silence and yep, you guessed it, they’re still the undisputed kings of sludge metal, The Crown offer up one of my favorite albums since Deathrace King, and Domestikwom lay out a physical release of their outstanding EP full of experimental metal and noise. Get some.

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Video Premiere: Domestikwom — “Queen of Putrescence”

On March 9th, exactly one week from today, Domestikwom’s Wallowing in Misery EP will see a physical release through Philip K. Discs. Originally offered as a digital-only release last summer, amidst the height of the global pandemic, we at Nine Circles are extremely excited to celebrate the limited cassette run for this project, and the first release of the year from PKD, with the premiere of the impressively jarring new video for “Queen of Putrescence.” While the second track on the EP has been available for streaming through Bandcamp, this added visual element offers a completely different experience and is well-worth the emotional exploration. Give it a watch for yourself directly below.

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