Video Premiere: Domestikwom — “Queen of Putrescence”

On March 9th, exactly one week from today, Domestikwom’s Wallowing in Misery EP will see a physical release through Philip K. Discs. Originally offered as a digital-only release last summer, amidst the height of the global pandemic, we at Nine Circles are extremely excited to celebrate the limited cassette run for this project, and the first release of the year from PKD, with the premiere of the impressively jarring new video for “Queen of Putrescence.” While the second track on the EP has been available for streaming through Bandcamp, this added visual element offers a completely different experience and is well-worth the emotional exploration. Give it a watch for yourself directly below.

Over the last several years, Domestikwom has crafted a complex map that stretches through the corners of black and doom metal, leveraging noise and electronic elements to truly push the limits. With Wallowing in Misery, and specifically the “Queen of Putrescence” focus here, Jon Michael allows these latter influences to fully take over. The noise and sampling, confidently supplanted alongside an ambient doom core, challenges us as an audience and delivers a listening experience that is both harsh, yet addicting. And as much as there is for us to explore within these passages, the visual footage creates an entirely new mental roadmap. Once we’re forced into the role of observing the documenting process, forced into seeing the interactions and stress within the dialog… all while surrounded by the severity of the audio, it becomes impossible to escape the tension and anxiety that has been created by all those elements coming together. For that, and many other reasons, these four minutes are incredible.

And now that we’ve recovered from that emotional experience, let’s get into the workings of the physical release a little more, because it’s simply a must-have. The cassette run is limited to only 20 copies, and pre-orders are well underway. Featuring the artwork of Stephen Wilson (Unknown Relic), as well as hand-drawn art on the tapes themselves, the pre-order also includes a pin made by Jon Michael himself. I can confirm that the entire package came together brilliantly.

As of this posting, I believe there are a few more copies left, so be sure to scoop one up here before they’re gone, and don’t forget to follow Domestikwom and Philip K. Discs on Facebook… or whichever platform makes the most sense to you.

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