Nine* Circles ov…What “Didn’t” Make My 2019 End of Year List (But Should Have)

Best of 2019

* Hey it’s Thursday!  And it’s more than 9!  What else is new?  I hereby fully (don’t) apologize for the late entry that clearly doesn’t at all conform to the format.  Suck it….

I tried to keep my 2019 End of Year list(s) brief…I really did.  But like last year simply too much happens in the span of 365 days to limit advocating and championing the things one comes to love.  And I’m not talking about the release of records.  I’m speaking to the way we change and grow and mutate with every experience, the way what we hold dear or take comfort in stands as a totem or ward against the hate and pain of a world gone mad, a world that grinds away at our compassion, our love, and our fortitude to stand against it while maintaining the core of who we are.  Continue reading

Book Review: Jason Lief’s “Christianity and Heavy Metal as Impure Sacred Within the Secular West” by Jonathan Petkau of Domestikwom

Christianity and Heavy Metal as Impure Sacred within the Secular West: Transgressing the Sacred

We’re back with our slightly erratic series where Nine Circles is STILL very pleased to bring you book reviews written by musicians throughout the metal scene. As much as they love to write their own blast beats, discordant riffs and swirling maelstroms they also love to read and, for all of our benefit, discuss. The most recent post in this series features one man black metal/noise machine and occasional 9C contributor Jonathan Petkau of Domestikwom with his thoughts on Christianity and Heavy Metal as Impure Sacred Within the Secular West: Transgressing the Sacred by Jason Lief.   Continue reading

Nine Circles ov… “Special” EOY Awards (2017 Edition)

9C 2017 EOY Header Image

2017 turned out to be a strange year for me musically.  In my first full year writing for Nine Circles I had the opportunity to explore different genres and bands I never would have discovered on my own, and taking in so much music (even when I didn’t want to, in all honesty) not only broadened my horizons and (hopefully) improved my critical thinking on music, but also helped me to understand better what it was I needed from music.

Next week I’ll be unveiling my personal Top 25 albums for 2017, along with a second post of 15 honorable mentions.  But there was so much that impacted me, and so for this final 2017 edition of Nine Circles ov… I wanted to give out a few of my own personal awards to some bands and albums that left their marks on me.  So without further ado, let’s dive in…   Continue reading

Initial Descent: November 26 – December 2, 2017


Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, we did just cross into December. Amazing right? No idea where the time goes but we’re nearing that time of year to get caught up on all the amazing stuff 2017 had to offer. Oh and yes, that header pic did make me think of Halloween too but it’s actually Irish extreme / black metallers Drakonis who are releasing their latest EP The Great Miasma this week and even though it’s only three songs it fully mesmerized me with its charred undulating rhythms and dark story line. Yes, I did get ahead of myself there but I couldn’t help it so no stopping now…next up is the debut full length, Reflections in Darkness, from Throaat who have leaned harder on the dark side of black metal here but still keep their feet firmly planted in thrash and speed. Friend of and guest contributor to this very site Jonathan Petkau is releasing the debut full length, A Peace that Destroys, from his black metal project Domestikwom and not only does it tell an extremely personal story but it also successfully intertwines folk, noise and even hardcore into the black metal fabric of the album. Filling out the top slots this week is Kingdoms Disdained from Morbid Angel that not only sees the reuniting of Trey Azagthoth and Steve Tucker but also sees a return to the kind of death metal we expect from this particular band and honestly I’m glad to hear it. I did go a little long in the tooth on this opener but fear not, there is much more metal to explore right after the jump. Continue reading

Receiving the Evcharist: Domestikwom and Big Bear Black Stout

Receiving the Evcharist

Receiving the Evcharist is our weekly feature where we pair choice albums with our favorite libations.  Drink from the cup of heresy.  This week’s offering: Domestikwom’s A Peace That Destroys and Bear Republic Brewing Company’s Big Bear Black Stout.   Continue reading