The Nine Circles ov…Ghost

If you think about it, Ghost has covered a buttload of ground for a metal-adjacent band — hell, for any kind of band — in a dozen or so years of existence. They’ve closed out Maryland Deathfest, signed to a major label and won a Grammy award. They’ve weathered a very public legal saga between frontman Tobias Forge (“Papa Emeritus”) and numerous former “Nameless Ghouls.” And now, they’re headlining arenas across the country. Not bad for a largely anonymous group of Satan worshippers!

With four albums under their belt — and, more to the point, with your author heading to the Giant Center in Hershey, PA, to catch them this Thursday — it’s high time we put their discography under the microscope for a Nine Circles ov treatment. So grab a communion wafer and let’s jump in!

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Visions ov Hell: Ghost – “Square Hammer”


Alright, so Ghost recently released a new EP called Popestar that I have not yet listened to for a number of reasons. Mostly because I haven’t had time and I generally don’t worshup Ghost in the same manner many of my associates do. But I was turned onto this song enough times to the point where I finally caved. People love Ghost. And I get it. I enjoy Ghost to a certain level, to be totally clear. Just not on that level. But this video is freaking cool, no other way to describe it. So let’s take a closer look at the song and video for “Square Hammer”. Continue reading