Visions ov Hell: Ghost – “Square Hammer”


Alright, so Ghost recently released a new EP called Popestar that I have not yet listened to for a number of reasons. Mostly because I haven’t had time and I generally don’t worshup Ghost in the same manner many of my associates do. But I was turned onto this song enough times to the point where I finally caved. People love Ghost. And I get it. I enjoy Ghost to a certain level, to be totally clear. Just not on that level. But this video is freaking cool, no other way to describe it. So let’s take a closer look at the song and video for “Square Hammer”.

Starting, as always, with the music itself, “Square Hammer” is enjoyable for all the same reasons other work from Ghost is enjoyable. It’s easy to listen to, catchy, dark on a very specific level, and just overall creepy. It’s very nice elemental/stylistic fusion. Clocking in at just over four minutes, this song offers the same kind of tasteful leads, gorgeous vocal expression, and choruses that are absolutely impossible to avoid getting stuck in your head. It’s fun. And dark. Winning combination for sure.

But this video is amazing. The idea of playing this scene out like an old school horror movie is such a brilliant concept for this song. And by this band. Starring the band themselves — in costume of course — we quickly learn that this scene is about the opening of a movie they are, um, starring in. It’s basically inception in Ghost-movie form. The colors are a grainy monochromatic thing. Which is perfect given the time setting here, including the colors and depiction of the movie theater screen. As the movie plays out to the audience in the theater, the visuals come to life as bats and Papa Emeritus emerge from the screen into the theater itself, forcing the attendees to flee. Eventually Papa transcends over the city, casting a shadow over everything. Something we’ve seen before on album covers and such. While the story is short and sweet, the way it is depicted — from the colors to the silent movie aspect — is absolutely perfect. It visually blends with the music tremendously. Give it a watch for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

– cmb

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