Concert Review: Pilgrim and Heavy Temple, 3/11/2017


Disclosure: there were actually four bands on this particular bill. After a bit of a delay in getting into the venue, I missed most of Manic Abraxas. And since I had a drive ahead of me and was traveling with a party of people that were on varying levels of intoxication, I missed the headlining Hessian. So it goes. Regardless, this was a tremendously fun evening, and both Heavy Temple and Pilgrim were a big part of the reason why. Continue reading

Concert Review: Krigsgrav and Giant of the Mountain (April 8, 2016)

unnamed (1)

It goes without saying that the anticipation for Krigsgrav‘s first tour had been steadily building over the last few months. Waves of Degradation, the well-received latest album from the black metallers from Texas had only just dropped on April 1st, and the timing of that was no accident of course. But Krigsgrav have been experimenting with and developing their own black metal sound for the better part of a decade, and having them announce a run of shows in the northeast, where this sound is very much at home, was reason for excitement. Joined by Giant of the Mountain, a death metal trio also from Texas, the stage was set for one hell of debut tour. And based on my experiences on April 8th in Portland, Maine, it was well worth the wait. Disclosure: Falls of Rauros headlined this evening’s show, but I had prior commitments that required an early exit.  Continue reading

Album Review: Die Like Gentlemen – “Five Easy Lies”


This was not an album I was anticipating.  It wasn’t even on my radar. In fact, I was just poking around a few holes for something different to review this week when I randomly saw the creepy cover art for Five Easy Lies—Toulouse-Lautrec apparently paid a hooker to pose for him—as well as the name of the band responsible for it, Die Like Gentleman, and was instantly intrigued. This is a healthy, and quite catchy, concoction of sludge, doom and post-hardcore.

Continue reading

Album Review: Lord Dying – “Poisoned Altars”

Lord Dying

Terrific cover art? Check. Awesome band name? Check. Great song titles like “Suckling at the Teat of the She-Beast?” CHECK. So why don’t I love Poisoned Altars, the new album from Portland’s Lord Dying, from now until the end of time? I liken it to the same reason I never fell head over heels in love with a band like Planes Mistaken for Stars: the music is a bit one-dimensional and, as a result, falls flat. Continue reading

Daily ‘Bang: You Can Stream Agalloch’s New Album NOW

So if this news wasn’t worth a Daily ‘Bang post, I don’t know what else would be. NPR has just posted a stream of The Serpent & The Sphere, the upcoming album from Portland folk-black metal heroes Agalloch–a band Corey and I will be seeing for the third and second time, respectively, at Maryland DeathFest later this month, and a band very, very near and dear to our hearts.

Agalloch’s “The Serpent & The Sphere” comes out May 13 on Profound Lore Records.

The Serpent and the Sphere comes three-and-a-half years after the band’s landmark fourth album, Marrow of the Spiritand almost two after their stunning, 21-minute follow-up single, “Faustian Echoes.” (I almost feel cheap using labels like this because at this point, pretty much everything this band does feels like “a landmark” or “stunning;” it’s just a formality at this point.) Suffice it to say, it’s been far too long since Agalloch last graced us with their presence and as such, there’s little doubt that The Serpent & The Sphere will be the talk of the metal blogosphere before long–regardless of its quality.

Corey and I won’t be discussing this one on the podcast until its official release next week, but in the meantime, take a listen here to prepare yourselves.


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.