The Nine Circles ov…80s Death Metal


In any form of art, there’s something magical about the “early works,” those seminal points of origin that set the course for wider narrative. It’s like the moment when the archaeologist finds and examines the fossil that ties together the map of disparate species. Or like the literary researcher who finally reaches the shelf with all the old texts, dusts them off and sets to work. Early extreme metal is a lot like this. There’s that turn around 1985 when you hear bands start to pull away from classical heavy metal. The guitar and bass picking patterns change, the vocals begin to lose their pitch, and the double-bass drum steadily becomes more important. Certain records appear and you realize, “wait, this isn’t really thrash anymore is it?” Buckle up and ride with us through The Nine Circles ov…80s Death Metal. Continue reading

Donuts & CANTO: Bobby Liebling, The Faceless, Possessed and more!

pentagram bobby liebling
Bobby Liebling

May 15, 2017

Good morning, it’s time to metal. Here’s some news you might have missed from over the weekend:

    • As per usual, a whole bunch of bands dropped new albums on Friday, including John Frum and Wormwitch. Peep Josh’s recap for a more complete list!

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Album Review: Cemetery Lust – “Screams of the Violated” (Re-issue)

Cemetery Lust - Screams Of The Violated

Today we have a twofer of metal reissues, more bang for your metal reading. The first is a reissue of Screams of the Violated, the first full-length from Portland Oregon thrashers Cemetery Lust. The second is more of an unearthing, rather than a reissue, of the EP Ancient Wrath from the now defunct Greek death metal band, Necromancy. Two strikingly different albums from different eras of metal. We’ll go over them separately. First up: Cemetery Lust. Continue reading