Profile: Stan Liszewski of Terminal Nation

Terminal Nation
Terminal Nation

Arkansas powerviolence/hardcore five piece Terminal Nation will be releasing their latest EP, Absolute Control, later this week. And while this effort still has the violent bones from their previous work, the band has greatly intensified their metallic hardcore sound which is now more reminiscent of Ringworm and Integrity, just to name a couple. As is the case with this brand of metal, the nine tracks offered click by in an instant but the slight new direction towards a more vicious overall sound is a successful one. We recently had the opportunity to ask Stan Liszewski (vocals) our set of Profile questions, read on to see what he had to say.

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Album Review: Buckshot Facelift – “Ulcer Island”

Buckshot Facelift - Ulcer Island

As a rule, movies will start with minor background and development then spend the middle two thirds on drama only to end on a happy note or an emotional high. Many, including our beloved horror films, follow this rule of thumb. But when one comes along that gets darker as it progresses and ends with zero happiness or anything tidied up so to speak, what you get is an unforgettable experience. What does that have to do with a metal album? Buckshot Facelift‘s fourth full length Ulcer Island not only massacres your ears but gradually destroys any glimpse of hope or lightheartedness you may feel going into this thing. Also good luck with a clear cut identifier for the grind–powerviolence–death–dbeat–you name it approach of their tried and true formula that while it hasn’t changed much it sure has gotten better. Continue reading

Album Review: Magrudergrind – “II”

magrudergrind ii 2

It’s not everyday that a powerviolence band makes its way onto an HBO set and shares the screen with the likes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. OK. They weren’t actually on screen together, but Magrudergrind being featured on HBO’s VEEP was a great sign regarding their triumphant return to the grindy world of powerviolence. After six years of surprising silence, Magrudergrind have exploded back onto the scene with II recorded at God City Studios and mixed/mastered by Mr. Brad Boatright. And for fans of the best, there’s not much to dislike. Sure, the band is a bit more polished, perhaps even more melodic, but they are still the same old Magrudergrind. Just a bit older and more mature. Continue reading

Album Review: Twin Lords – “Devastating Planetary Shift”

Twin Lords - Devastating Planetary Shift

Devastating is a perfect descriptor of the noisy, violent and sludge-filled sound on the New York based duo Twin Lords full length debut Devastating Planetary Shift. The seven tracks contained within offer a wide variety of sounds and do it with sharp blades to your heart, mind and ears. Drummer Andrew Hernandez mines the dark feel of his old band Tombs and even though there’s a lot of differing sounds, darkness is the running theme. It seeps in ever so slowly but fully envelops you by album’s end. Continue reading