Album Review: Magrudergrind – “II”

magrudergrind ii 2

It’s not everyday that a powerviolence band makes its way onto an HBO set and shares the screen with the likes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. OK. They weren’t actually on screen together, but Magrudergrind being featured on HBO’s VEEP was a great sign regarding their triumphant return to the grindy world of powerviolence. After six years of surprising silence, Magrudergrind have exploded back onto the scene with II recorded at God City Studios and mixed/mastered by Mr. Brad Boatright. And for fans of the best, there’s not much to dislike. Sure, the band is a bit more polished, perhaps even more melodic, but they are still the same old Magrudergrind. Just a bit older and more mature.

The trio, now based in Brooklyn, NY, have never had a problem creating urgent, blister-paced grind that attracts a broad spectrum of fans. Their music has changed little since their inception. They have remained powerful, angry and chaotic. Their EP’s and LP’s providing short, to-the-point tracks full of blast beats, utterly pained vocals and solid guitar riffs when applicable. Magrudergrind is no longer for a select few; their music is now on a more mature path to global domination.

On II, the hardcore influences shine through. Tracks like “Husayni-Handschar” have a almost two-step feel to them complete with breakdowns of moshing proportions. Where Magrudergrind previously allowed their music to grind into a noisy cacauphony of difficult to discern blast beats, II features a much more groove-oriented, hardcore based foundation. “Divine Dictation” and “Sacrificial Hire” even open with thoroughly stompable rhythms before descending into chaos.

Whatever your previous experience with Magrudergrind, be it heavy rotation of vague familiarity, II should provide something to keep you on board. There’s enough of the classic Magrudergrind style for the rabid fans and there is plenty of accessibility for the newcomers. The band remains abrasive, politically charged and downright determined to blast your preconceived notions of both ideology and music. So sit back, buckle up and press play.

– Manny-O-War

II is available 2.12.2016 via Relapse Records. For more information on Magrudergrind check out their Facebook page.


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