Initial Descent: September 18 – 24, 2016


Anyone complaining that there hasn’t been a great week for metal thus far in 2016 needs to go immediately and start over, but there won’t be any complaining after this week. Mostly due to Neurosis‘ highly anticipated eleventh full length Fires Within Fires finally seeing the light of day. But that’s not all; Fatalist are back with their insanely good Swedeath saturated The Bitter End, Predatory Light further their black metal chaos on Predatory Light, Trap Them punch you in the mouth with their fifth album Crown Feral while Witchskull breaks out the bluesy doom on The Vast Electric Dark. Switching gears a bit, Dysrhythmia bends time on their progressive instru-metal album The Veil Of Control — let the dissecting begin. And last but not least, Insomnium‘s epic fifth full length Winter’s Gate is a blast. As stated, its another stacked week here on Initial Descent and literally, there’s something for everyone. So hit that ‘continue reading’ link. Continue reading

Album Review: Predatory Light – “Predatory Light”


Santa Fe, NM via Seattle, WA’s Predatory Light, after wowing the underground with a two track demo and a split with New York’s Vorde, are finally unleashing their self-titled debut full length album on the world. Predatory Light expands on the already crushing formula that the band has laid out, bringing a whole new level of chaos into this world. Continue reading

Album Review: Predatory Light – “MMXIV”


Last year, Seattle’s Predatory Light released their first offering, a two-song EP called MMXIV—and what a first offering it was. With just two songs totaling not-quite-18 minutes, the band made a definitive and promising statement about what their particular brand of blackened doom was going to sound like. Horns Up wasn’t even around at the time of MMXIV‘s original cassette/digital release, but since the EP was just recently re-released on vinyl via Pesanta Urfolk, let’s take a look back and see what’s at play here. Continue reading