Initial Descent: December 5 – 11, 2021

Malignant Altar
Malignant Altar

Best of 2021 season is in full swing around the metal world and we’ll be joining soon enough. Y’all keep doing y’all with slinging mud over who chose what and why or this album is much better than that album or this thing doesn’t even deserve it or this ain’t even a metal list, and so on and so forth. BUT, keep in mind no list is the end all be all and each serves as THAT person’s or THAT site’s favorites. Rock on anyway though, it makes it fun seeing all the vitriol but most of all it’s refreshing to see the dedication to everyone’s favorites. Anyway, we still have a couple weeks of new metal so do continue to pay attention especially seeing as this week we’ve got some excellent death metal from both Malignant Altar and Pyrexia, an enthralling combo of black and death metal from Vahrzaw, a gut punch black metal offering from Diablation, and many more hanging out just below these four. Go get some and scream to the highest peaks what your favorites are, word of mouth is a strong thing.

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The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 206 (11.20.2021)

playlist - mixtape

That’s it: we’re officially in End of Year™ territory now. The big guns are coming out, as Decibel Magazine preemptively shared their Top 40 of 2021 prior to publication in the vain hopes of staving off blogs who simply post the list for views. I’d rather give them the props and the views, so head over there to check it out. In the meantime I’m on my fifth listen of the new Stormkeep and debating how high to have it on my own list. Because yeah…it’s gonna be there.

But enough of that. Welcome to Volume 206 of the Nine Circles Playlist, where we may or may not have some music that will appear on own own lists. In addition to our fearless editor Josh priming the pump with Stormkeep he’s heavily digging the latest from Hypocrisy and Sanguisugabogg. Angela has fallen hard for the hardcore punk coming from Fucked Up and the murky psychedelic cosmic stoner sounds of Tortuga. Buke never fails to bring the classic heavy to the list, so buckle up for some new retro courtesy of Haunt and Traveler as well as old school flavor from Judas Priest. Jon emerges from the snowy depths of the Great North to champion new stuff from Archspire and Every Time I Die. Vincent wallows in the despair of heavier fare from Emma Ruth Rundle, Lantlôs, and Dream Unending. As for me? I’m sitting here in the CLOUDS with Enslaved, digging the skramz of Warren of Ohms, and am in hook line and sinker with Josh about the new single from outlaw country bastard Paul Cauthen.

Country as Fuck, folks. No better way to close out the playlist this week. See you next time!


Visions ov Hell: Quarantined With Nine Circles, Part 3

Coronavirus bah

Third part to this. THIRD. And no end in sight. Whatever. Don’t go insane, keep it tuned right here with us as we bring you live footage, actual videos, and a killer collab thanks to the fine folks at Two Minutes To Late Night. We’ve got the newest from Twilight Fauna, some old Acid Bath, a new..ish track from Pyrexia, grind from Nasum and Pig Destroyer (and more), and a whole slew of other gems to help stave off the mundaneness of looking at the walls or naps. Actually, I love naps but damn, enough is enough. I digress, quarantine with us and raise a glass. Ours is raised to you. Stay safe and well, friends.

CANTO: Ghost tour, Joey Jordison opens up, and more

ghost papa emeritus iii

“Somehow better without this. Headlights fuck the city. Somewhere I’m broken. No sensations nevermore.”

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey