Best of 2020: Chris’s Honorable Mention List

Best of 2020

It’s the beginning of the end. Of the year. This shitty, terrifying, mind-screw of a year. But you know what?  It’s also the beginning of list making, which by now (if you’ve been reading me over the last four years) you realize I relish even as I qualify and condition every list I make.  As per usual I kicked it off with a list of great albums that  – for various reasons – didn’t make my main lists, but that didn’t make them any less special.  Every album does that for me: even the ones I don’t connect with tell me something about how I connect with music, and sometimes that’s just as important as finding an album that does make that connection. Continue reading

Nine Circles ov…Metal I Missed During Blood Red

Each year I take a break from writing about metal on this site to regale the 10-12 of you who read Blood Red with reviews on horror films from every corner of the globe.  Different sub-genres, different themes…vastly different modes of execution.

Kinda like metal, no?

Anyway, I’ve managed to vaguely keep up with some of what’s been going on in the extreme metal scene a bit, with different sounds catching my ears when I wasn’t knee-deep in Evil Dead homages and terrible, terrible remakes of mediocre horror films.  So for this edition of Nine Circles ov… I wanted to say a few (very few – I’m tapped at the moment after writing over 16,000 words on horror movies) words on some metal that wasn’t coveted here on the site, but managed to stick in my ears long enough to register as something I dug.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.  Continue reading

CANTO: Necronomicon, The Well, Chiasmata, and More


Three straight weeks from Hell begins… NOW.

  • In case you weren’t aware, some stuff was stolen from the Musonia School of Music that was once owned by the legendary Randy Rhoads back on Thanksgiving night. Well, a couple weeks later, some of the items have surfaced… in a dumpster.
  • Necronomicon dropped a new music video for “The Thousand Masks”. It’s NSFW for anyone still at W at this point in the day. Reminder that Unus dropped back in October via Season of Mist.
  • The Well have announced a run of shows in both Europe and North America. The dates run late January through early March. Support is in the form of R.I.P. on some dates, and Zig-Zags on others.
  • It’s a slow day, so let’s close with some prog metal. This is Chiasmata with the track “Absolution”. I am of the understanding that there will be a new album out in the near future.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb