Album Review: Eight Bells – “Landless”

eight bells landless
Artwork by Nate Burns

Landless is a bit of “wait and reward.” Long ambient passages, epic build ups and soft harmonies give way to rewards in the form of well-paced, driving sections of addictive, drum-forward rock. Appropriate, as the addition of Thrawsunblat drummer and Immortal Bird vocalist Rae Amitay provides the atmospheric and remains filled experience necessary for Eight Bells. Despite being entitled Landless, the album feels anchored by oceanside plains. It’s as if the music is tracing the cartography of these lands; pulling the listener along with them. Continue reading

Interview: Immortal Bird’s Rae Amitay on touring, folk metal and “Rick and Morty”

immortal bird
Amitay (second from right) performs with Immortal Bird at Brooklyn’s St. Vitus in August

Immortal Bird vocalist Rae Amitay joins for a special edition of The Nine Circles Podcast! Rae hopped on Skype last week to chat with Dan about Maryland Deathfest, her other band Thrawsunblat, Dan Harmon’s Adult Swim show Rick and Morty, and much more. Check it out!

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Album Review: Immortal Bird – “Empress/Abscess”

Immortal Bird - Empress/Abscess

Chicago’s Immortal Bird caught my attention with their breakout 2013 EP, Akrasia. It was a dark and nasty little collection of songs steeped in black, grind and death metal, yet had a terrific, emotional undercurrent that reared its head in the sparse quiet times. Now they’re back with their debut full-length, Empress/Abscess, which picks up precisely where they left off. Things are a little cleaner sounding this time out, but the basic framework is intact, and the band’s just as volatile as ever. Continue reading