Blood Red: Hooptober 6(66) – Week Two

blood red 2019 week 2

Strolling into the second week brought a few surprises to Hooptober 2019.  Who in the world would have suspected I would find and genuinely enjoy some subversion in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives?  And that a classic Universal Monster film like The Mummy’s Tomb would be the weakest film in the bunch?  In between we have some strong outings from Australia in the giant mutant gore of Boar, the slick and dream-like French giallo Knife+Heart, and we finally learn what those chair towers are all about in the French Canadian “zombie” apocalypse Ravenous.

It’s been a full week, so grab your rosary and your preferred religious text and let’s jump in. Continue reading

Blood Red: Hoop-Tober 4.0 – Week Three

It’s an extended weekend and I’m away with no laptop so we’re going to make this one quick and dirty. I typically try to make each year of my annual horror marathon filled with movies I haven’t seen, but some life events necessitated a few adjustments, so this week is skewed with some favorites I haven’t seen in years. Both The Driller Killer and Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead brought some quirks and pleasures making them worthwhile for a viewing, but Ravenous, Delicatessen and The Invisible Man are old friends that felt great to return to. So without further ado, let’s dive in… Continue reading