Retrospective: Battlecross – “War of Will”


With Battlecross’ upcoming album, Rise to Power, set to drop on August 21, I decided that now would be a good time to revisit one of the more enjoyable thrash albums I’ve picked up in the last two years. War of Will was the third release from the Michigan natives, and is a ton of fun all around. We all know what we’re going to get from thrash: relentless aggression. It’s not the most complex of the genres, but it definitely has its time and place. And when that time comes, War of Will is the perfect match.

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Retrospective: Equilibrium – “Sagas”

equilibrium - sagas

Having recently jumped into a massive, all-five-book re-read of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, I’ve been listening to a whole hell of a lot of Equilibrium lately. It’s been scientifically proven that the German symphonic folk metal quintet is the perfect soundtrack for these kinds of epic, fantasy-based reads. Oh, you want the data to prove that, do you? Well, it just so happens that- WHOA, LOOK OVER THERE! (*turns and runs*)

At any rate, the biggest highlight of my Equilibrium collection is easily 2008’s sophomore effort, Sagas. It was my first exposure to the band, and I still hold the fondest of memories of my first few listens to the record. So let’s jump in, shall we?  Continue reading

Retrospective: Monster Magnet – “Last Patrol”


I discovered Monster Magnet by accident back in 2007. A Metal Edge sampler CD happened to contain a track of theirs called “Wall of Fire,” off an album titled 4-Way Diablo. I must have played this song a dozen times on repeat when I first heard it. It was upbeat, entertaining, and proved a reasonably decent way to get pumped, which is all I really asked for in those days. I never explored further into Monster Magnet’s discography, however, and the band fell by the wayside for awhile. Well…at least until Last Patrol was released.

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Retrospective: Assück – “Misery Index”

assuck misery index

For this week’s retrospective I decided to rip off a few hundred words on an album, and really a band, that I’ve fallen back in love with. (Not to say that I ever fell out of love with them though, I guess) Recently, flipping through what remains of my vinyl collection—a basement flood ruined something like 300 LPs—I found a crate with a few old, crusty buddies, one of them being Assück. I suddenly realized I didn’t want to live in a world where I couldn’t listen to these guys on a regular basis. So a few MP3 purchases later, I was blasting Assück on the way to my corporate, government job and realizing what a fraud I was. Released January of 1997, Misery Index was the second and, sadly, last album released by Assück—but last doesn’t mean weakest. Continue reading

Retrospective: Zemial – “In Monumentum”

Zemial - In Monumentum cover

Formed in 1989, Zemial is one of the oldest active Greek black metal projects. Though various relocations brought the band to Australia and Germany, Zemial have always been among the premier metal ambassadors of their Hellenic homeland. Throughout most of their career, Zemial took heavy inspiration from Bathory, adding some unmistakably Greek seasoning to the Swedes’ iconic sound. The approach culminated in 2006’s In Monumentum, which stands as the ultimate tribute to deceased Bathory mastermind, Quorthon. And with today marking the 11th anniversary of the legendary frontman’s death, In Monumentum is the perfect subject for this week’s Retrospective.  Continue reading