Profile: Andy Barton of Power Metallers Grimgotts


For a band that started out as a Harry Potter parody outfit, London’s symphonic power metallers Grimgotts have come a long way. They’ve since created their own mythical realm with Andria and are in the midst of a three part EP series chronicling epic battles between men and dragons with their most recent release, Sagas. Hot on the heels of said release we had the chance to pose our set or Profile questions to vocalist Andy Barton so head below to see what he had to say and grab a copy of Sagas from the links contained within. Continue reading

The Nine Circles ov…Equilibrium

equilibrium band

So not that long ago, during a Retrospective piece on their second album, Sagas, I mentioned that I’d been listening to a lot of German folk metal vets Equilibrium while re-reading George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Well, those books being the lengthy bastards that they are, I’m still re-reading them. And thus, I’m still listening to these guys, whom I’ll defend to the death as the ideal companion music for fantasy-based reading.

With four full-lengths to their name so far, Equilibrium’s got plenty of material to choose from in compiling these kinds of lists. Hell, you could pick nine from Sagas alone and it’d be a pretty damn good list. Ultimately, I culled from all four in creating my playlist, so here it is: the Nine Circles ov Equilibrium.  Continue reading

Retrospective: Equilibrium – “Sagas”

equilibrium - sagas

Having recently jumped into a massive, all-five-book re-read of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, I’ve been listening to a whole hell of a lot of Equilibrium lately. It’s been scientifically proven that the German symphonic folk metal quintet is the perfect soundtrack for these kinds of epic, fantasy-based reads. Oh, you want the data to prove that, do you? Well, it just so happens that- WHOA, LOOK OVER THERE! (*turns and runs*)

At any rate, the biggest highlight of my Equilibrium collection is easily 2008’s sophomore effort, Sagas. It was my first exposure to the band, and I still hold the fondest of memories of my first few listens to the record. So let’s jump in, shall we?  Continue reading