CURSED IMAGERY: The Week in Album Art (August 2, 2019)

cursed imagery

We’ve got a lighter week for ridiculous album art this week. And that, honestly, is a good thing for now; I’m simultaneously working on a new Retrocution post and struggling to find the right words for it. Dumb jokes about album covers come surprisingly easy — the bands have done most of the leg work for you! Writing an actual review? Woof. Tread lightly, kids. Anyway, we’ll still have some fun with this stuff, so let’s jump in!

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Interview: Sloth. on One Man Projects, Influences and Music Quality

Sloth. - Slow As Shit

Sloth., the solo project of Blake Caverly, recently released his full length debut, Slow as Shit. Mostly instrumental, the album features equal parts doom, sludge, stoner and post rock which makes for quite an undertaking for an independent release. (Check out our review here.) As you will see Blake is all in when it comes to music whether it’s with Sloth. or other interests along with having a down to earth take on the current state of metal. Here’s what he had to say… Continue reading

Album Review: Sloth. – “Slow As Shit”

Sloth. - Slow As Shit

No one can say the title of Sloth.‘s full length debut, Slow As Shit, didn’t at least spark some interest. It did for me, mainly because I’m drawn to slow and heavy music. But might that title be a bit too obvious? While the album gives us no surprises in delivery — after all, it is doom with traces of sludge and stoner metal — there are plenty in its use of atmosphere. It gives the album an expansive feel and an overall sound larger than the title would otherwise suggest. Continue reading