CANTO: Between The Buried and Me, Ghost(s), Apotheus, and More

BTBAM Band automata II

Probably only one or two more of these in 2020… Out of a possible three, to be clear.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: RIP Mark Shelton, Crowhurst, Pestilence and more!


Weekend time. Let’s do this.

  • Leading off with some sad news from Manilla Road: founder Mark “The Shark” Shelton passed away unexpectedly at age 60. No further details are available, but…this really sucks. A GoFundMe has been set up to help cover the associated expenses, and we encourage you to donate if you can.
  • Next up, Crowhurst has signed with Prophecy Productions. They (he?) will also be playing Prophecy Fest in Brooklyn this November. So, good stuff if you’re into Crowhurst.
  • Not sure if y’all heard, but Pestilence — or more to the point, mastermind Patrick Mameli — has had himself a bad coupl’a days on the internets. As a result of his, erm…activities…the band’s North American tour has been cancelled. It’s unclear whether this will affect their participation at next year’s assorted Deathfests, but at least he has those Dexter Holland-Offspring dreads going for him? (/kills self)
  • This one’s from Sunday, but seeing as this is the first Canto post of the week…Bloodbath has apparently finished recording their next album. Want more information? Well, you’re S.O.L. That’s literally all they’ve told us.
  • Interesting little Metallica tidbit here: in Spotify’s latest earnings call, CEO Daniel Ek revealed that the band uses listener data to tailor its live setlists on a city-by-city basis. That’s…honestly, just a really neat and forward-thinking thing! Good on ’em. Unfortunately, there’s probably about a thousand basement chuds who are gonna protest it BECAUSE VIOLATION OF ARR FREEDOMS or something.
  • And finally, let’s close it out with a couple of cool humans doing a cool thing. Psalm Zero‘s Charlie Looker arranged a cover of Pyrrhon‘s “Empty Tenement Spirit” for a 17-piece orchestra, and then Pyrrhon frontman Doug Moore sang along during the live performance.  Check it out:

Goddamn, that was one of the neatest things I’ve seen in quite a while. Anyway, that’ll do it for now. Have a good weekend — especially if you’re at Migration Fest — and check back soon for more updates!

Keep it heavy,

CANTO: At The Gates, A Perfect Circle, Random Lawsuits, and More


1/2/2018. Happy New Year! One day late! Nobody cares!

  • Remember At The Gates? Sounds like they are done recording their new album. Initial reaction? I never stopped liking At The Gates, but anything potentially heavier or more death metal-y is only a good thing.
  • I don’t do the Spotify thing anymore. So this is irrelevant to me. But for those that care, they are being sued to the tune of $1.6 BILLION for copyright infringement tied to a number of huge bands. Ruh roh.
  • And more lawsuits because why not bring in the new year with happy news? Gibson is suing Funko because various dolls (Slash, Kirk Hammett, Paul Stanley, etc) are holding guitars that look like Gibsons. Super fun.
  • A Perfect Circle have revealed a new song called “Disillusioned”. I haven’t listened to it yet. Let me know how it is.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 27


We’re back with more Best-of-’15 recaps this week, as the guys look back at albums from ObsequiaeDeath Karma and Thulcandra, among others. Plus, Spotify’s year-end listening data, and a celebration of the now-MLS-CHAMPION PORTLAND TIMBERS! (You’re probably not excited about this so we’re going to get EXTRA excited about it!!!!)

All that and…really, not all that much more in Episode 27, but check it out anyway!

Also available on:

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CANTO: Studio announcements from Katatonia and Fleshgod Apocalypse


Most people had today I off. I am not most people. What that means is that I had work today and I’m not happy about.

  • Katatonia is back in the studio (with a new drummer)! Dead End Kings came out way back in 2012, so the concept of new material is definitely welcomed. Sorry, the live and acoustic albums don’t count.
  • Another band preparing to drop some new material is Fleshgod Apocalypse. The Italian symphonic death metal group announced their latest installment, King, will be out early next year.
  • Album sales. Not a ton to focus in on. Puscifer is on there for those that give a shit. Def Leppard, too.
  • After all that drama, Victory Records is back on Spotify. Which matters to all the Spotify users out there. I am not one of them.
  • Most of us have probably already forgotten, but Lamb of God released a pretty solid album earlier this year in VII: Sturm Und Drang. Here’s a new lyric video for “Erase This” off of that very album.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey