Profile: Stephen Wilson of Infernal Rockers Swilson


You won’t find blast beats or pinch harmonics or even cookie monster vocals in any of Swilson‘s music but you will find a band that counts Aleister Crowley, Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult as influences as well as a band that lets it all hang out through good time rock ‘n’ roll with a bent for the dark side. With song titles like “Witchtrial Modern Day” and “Witchcraft 2018” it’s a shoe-in for a must listen. And they back it up with ferocious licks and a serious punk attitude that recalls the days when rock didn’t give a damn if it was a bad influence on the kiddos. Good times, to be sure. Just ahead of the physical version issue of their self-titled album we had the chance to ask guitarist and vocalist Stephen Wilson our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what he had to say and click those links to grab a copy while they’re available. Continue reading

Profile – Stephen Wilson

aevangelist enthrall to the void of bliss
Stephen Wilson is the man behind the greatest album cover to date.

Stephen is, and I say this about a lot of people we profile, a really, really nice guy. Talented is putting it mildly. His artwork can be found all over bandcamp and your local record shop. His artwork is fluid, captivating and beautifully crafted. Rather than aggressively attack the viewer, Stephen’s artwork drags the viewer into the frame and engages with them. When his craft is applied to an album, the artwork creates a bonus dimension for the listener offering a mood or aura under which to enjoy the music inside. And his artwork is always, always perfectly crafted to match the album. So follow him on Twitter and forge ahead to learn more about him.

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