CANTO: Sonata Arctica tour, Devin Townsend’s book, and more


“Forget the past, are you still believing? Tonight’s denial dominates the dreaming.”

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

CANTO: A tour for The Sword, a new track from Obscura, and more


I’m late tonight because I left work late. And then ran late. Basically, I’m not good at being on time.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

Throwback Thursday: Holy crap, Aerosmith are old, you guys

Happy Thursday, all. Time for another #tbt, and this week, we’re going to share one that almost made me spit coffee all over my computer monitor. Thanks to the guys at This Day in METAL, I learned the following:


For those of you that can’t math, that’s 44 years ago. Look at how young they were! Look at how non-coked-out-ostrich-like Steven Tyler looked! (Seriously, find me a 66-year-old who looks worse for the wear than he does. You’ll be hard-pressed.) It’s just crazy to think back to a time when Aerosmith weren’t complete caricatures of themselves. But that’s exactly what we’re going to do for this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday. Let’s take a look back at one of my favorite songs from Boston’s finest: “Sweet Emotion.”

The song originally appeared on 1975’s Toys in the Attic, but was re-released as a single in 1991, (ITSELF 21 years after their first show…holy hell), in conjunction with the “Pandora’s Box” box set–which is where this phone-sex-y music video came from. As far as visual components go, I personally will always associate the song with the opening scene from Dazed and Confused, but hey, this promo video’s a thing, too, I guess. And unlike the Dazed and Confused clip, it gives you the full song. So that’s what we’re going with.

Anyway, that’ll do it. Make sure to check back for Quickies later on!


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