The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Beyond Creation was October 2018’s Album of the Month!

Nine Circles Audio Thing

We are cutting it *waaaaaay* close on this one.  But we did it, folks…by golly we somehow picked ourselves up by our bootstraps and delivered another edition of our Album of the Month series. This time the gang got together to discuss the technical chops and marvels of Beyond Creation and their latest offering to the technical death metal world, Algorythm — our album of the month pick for October! Continue reading

Album Review: Nucleus – “Sentient”

nucleus coverFor all of the old-school death metal bands that seem to be coming out of the woodwork right now, it’s become clear that most of them veer toward one specific “school” of death metal: The angular, bizarrely dissonant strain of the Finns; the romping, darkly melodic buzzsaw tones of the Swedes; or the American school that is based more on its strong sense of rhythm with some technical finesse. Chicago-based Nucleus, though, seem to draw from every aspect of old death metal on their debut Sentient while never getting bogged down in useless nostalgia. It does have its faults, but overall, Sentient is a very interesting melting pot of influences with enough of an original (read: sci-fi!) twist to certainly distinguish Nucleus from similar outfits.  Continue reading

Album Review: Wormed – “Krighsu”

Wormed Krighsu

Wormed’s new full-length Krighsu was recently described to me on Twitter as “the soundtrack to a nanobot oligarchy colonizing our collective subconscious,” and “the sound of every computer performing an illegal operation at the same time,” so that’s it. That’s all you need to know. Review done. Seriously, just go listen to it. Why are you still here? Continue reading