Best of 2015: Lift The Medium


With only a few short days left in 2015, we have reached the beginning of the end of our Best of 2015 series. But fret not, there are still plenty of awesome lists to come and plenty of awesome bands to feature. With that said, allow me to introduce 2015’s best albums as chosen by Lift The Medium. Lift The Medium is a hard rock group out of Cincinnati whose sound is influenced by, well, a variety of different artists. Instead of any individual artist from the group sharing their list, Lift The Medium came together to compile this list. And let me tell you, it is diverse to say the least. Check it out below.

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Quickies: Faith No More gets a release date and Adam D gets a new car on ‘The Price is Right’… ?

Anybody else as over this week as much as I am? God dammit.

The song is called “Twin Soul”. The Midnight Ghost Train will be on tour this coming Spring. Nowhere near us. Obviously.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

– Corey

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

Just the Tip: Our Most Anticipated Albums of Q1 2015


It’s Tuesday! BUT…it’s so early in the year that we haven’t come across any new releases we’d like to discuss. So instead, let’s focus this post on some upcoming albums we’ve got our eyes on in 2015. And by “we,” I mean “I.” I mean, I’m sure there’s some overlap with Corey here, but…I’m the one writing the post, so…

Anyway, I’m specifically going to highlight upcoming albums from the first three months of 2015. I suppose I could have gone for the gusto and done an “all-year” glance, but…a lot of the bands I’m most excited for haven’t even set release dates for their stuff yet. Look past March, and it’s all vague promises of stuff being worked on and…that’s it. So let’s stick with the stuff we know for sure about. For me, that would be…

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