Best of 2015: Lift The Medium


With only a few short days left in 2015, we have reached the beginning of the end of our Best of 2015 series. But fret not, there are still plenty of awesome lists to come and plenty of awesome bands to feature. With that said, allow me to introduce 2015’s best albums as chosen by Lift The Medium. Lift The Medium is a hard rock group out of Cincinnati whose sound is influenced by, well, a variety of different artists. Instead of any individual artist from the group sharing their list, Lift The Medium came together to compile this list. And let me tell you, it is diverse to say the least. Check it out below.

Lift The Medium’s Best of 2015

We like to preface our picks by saying that we hear the influences in everything we listen to. That’s our polite way of defending ourselves for being wussies.

In no particular order:

David Gilmour – Rattle That Lock

After nearly 50 years of success Gilmour’s solos can still make your hair stand on end with just one note.

Breaking Benjamin – Dark Before Dawn

Our drummer’s all-time favorite band, and their new drummer hails from Cincinnati. We love good vocal melodies in rock songs.

Muse – Drones

Muse continues to show lame ass radio that they don’t have to play ONLY crap. This album reminds us more of Origin of Symmetry and Absolution than it does their last few albums.

Queensrÿche – Condition Human

Queensrÿche stays true to the form that’s been one of our inspirations since we first heard them in our formative days.

Bobaflex – Anything That Moves

We use the same studio were they record (Sonic Lounge in Columbus, OH). We’re convinced that studio only makes great sounding albums.

Adele – 25

We don’t care how un-hard this album is. Anybody whose voice and melodies can carry a sparsely orchestrated tune and make a room full of people stop and listen is winning.

Imagine Dragons – Smoke and Mirrors

We’ve loved this band since we first heard them. Their use of space and rhythm is truly under-noticed for how effective it can make a song hit home to listeners.

The Midnight Ghost Train – Cold Was The Ground

We did a show with MGT in Indy earlier this year. Great dudes, and quite possibly the loudest band we’ve ever heard.

Shinedown – Threat To Survival

Real vocals from a real rock singer, not all the auto-tuned BS that gets continually shoved down our throats.

Puscifer – Money Shot

We love everything Maynard Keenan touches; this album included. Listen to “The Remedy” and you’ll understand a little of why

Quite the list, right? I won’t judge. And major credit for the David Gilmour pick. Anyway, thank you to Lift The Medium for their time! Since 2014’s Mastermind, which you can check out below, Lift The Medium has been on quite a roll. To keep up to date on the band, check out their official Facebook page or visit their site on ReverbNation.

3 thoughts on “Best of 2015: Lift The Medium

  1. Brandon December 30, 2015 / 6:17 pm

    However, anybody w/some computer software or a minimum of skills may do a similar thing on any video web site, including Vimeo.

  2. Anonymous December 31, 2015 / 10:15 am

    ^huh, Brandon?…

  3. Shannon December 31, 2015 / 10:35 am

    Great variety, guys. Keep it up!!!!

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