The Nine Circles Audio Thing: The Ruins of Beverast was February 2021’s Album of the Month!

Episode 68 of The Nine Circles Audio Thing showcases just how musically polarizing The Ruins of Beverast have been and continue to be on their latest “The Thule Grimoires.” Buke again captains the episode with a handful of the usual suspects in tow as they discuss, argue, and break down the album and the band.

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Album Review: The Ruins of Beverast — “The Thule Grimoires”

The Ruins of Beverast - Thule Grimoires

A friend of mine, who is not largely into metal, asked me the other day what my favorite metal band was. I gave him my usual evasive, yet largely true, response: this is a question with an answer that changes on a day-to-day basis. I love metal so much and am so passionate about so many bands that it can be hard to even attempt anything in the neighborhood of picking a “favorite.” Yet without a doubt, The Ruins of Beverast are a band that consistently ends up on my short list when I do reckon with this topic. When I think about “favorite” bands, I think about bands whose music sticks with you, bands that cultivate a sound that makes them stand out from others, and The Ruins have, over a storied career, come to a point where their sound is unlike any other I have ever heard. Enter The Thule Grimoires, an album that takes this history of wild creativity and continues to push the limits of what its creator, and metal as a whole, is capable of.

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