The Nine Circles Audio Thing: The Ruins of Beverast was February 2021’s Album of the Month!

Episode 68 of The Nine Circles Audio Thing showcases just how musically polarizing The Ruins of Beverast have been and continue to be on their latest “The Thule Grimoires.” Buke again captains the episode with a handful of the usual suspects in tow as they discuss, argue, and break down the album and the band.

You know how this works…team members take turns picking the AOTM, and this month technically was a group pick but Vince screamed the loudest over The Thule Grimoires as soon as it hit our inbox and, as you’ll hear, is also The Ruins of Beverast’s biggest fan. However, all is not in balance in the House of 9C, as there’s plenty of back and forth on the vocals and how different the band has sounded over the years.  One team member didn’t even get to the vocals, so there’s that. There’s a lot of coffee talk, noodles and catfish (you’ll have to listen in and figure that one out), the Martinek brothers sparring, and an in depth discussion on Vide, the latest from Emptiness, during the “what else tripped our triggers in February” section. 

All this and so more as we dive head first into our second AOTM for 2021!  So jump in and get an earful!

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In the meantime, keep it heavy…keep it safe…and we’ll see you next time!

The Thule Gromoires is available now on Ván Records. For more information on The Ruins of Beverast, visit their Facebook page.

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