Initial Descent: April 30 – May 6, 2017

Full of Hell

This was a weird week. Maybe I’m on my own in this opinion but it seems like the general population has lost their minds all of a sudden or been hijacked by aliens. On the road, walking down the street, ordering food, you name it, NO ONE pays attention anymore and it’s as annoying as twenty ass pimples, all at once. Ok, that’s out of my system but you came for new metal and we have plenty of it this week. Full of Hell kicks things off this week with a scorching statement on Trumpeting Ecstacy and to put it simple, this album is full of awesome (nope, couldn’t help myself). Next up is Exuvia from The Ruins of Beverast and while it is another amalgamation of black metal and doom the band continues their experimental touch and come away with another triumph of an album. Moving along, Drug Honkey offers up their wickedly nasty gutter death on Cloak of Skies, I’ve never been a junkie but this could be a fitting soundtrack to a trip. And Snares of Sixes get all proggy/avant-garde on us with their genre bending debut EP Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass. With that, the opening four are down and you know the drill, dive in below for tons more metal. Continue reading

Second Circle: The Ruins of Beverast – “Takitum Tootem!” and “Exuvia”

Second Circle

The Ruins of Beverast have been a ride-or-die band for me since the first time I heard them.  Their career spans fourteen years and (now) five full length albums, during which time they have never been anything but unapologetically their own entity among the metal scene.  Whether it’s the crushing doomed black metal of Rain Upon the Impure, the full-on riff assault of Blood Vaults (which I will go to bat for every single time, nay-sayers be damned), or the re-shaping of classic songs by Dead Can Dance and Depeche Mode on Enchanted by Gravemould, Alexander von Meilenwald has built a legacy on daring experimentation that wins his music either shining praise or confused head shakes.  For my money, the Ruins are a band that I can turn to time and time again, no matter what I am in the mood for, and find something that satisfies me.  I’m extremely pleased then, to be able bring you a double feature of new material from this cult classic: an EP, Takitum Tootem!, and a new full length, Exuvia, that both showcase the entirety of their sound, and feature some of the best material in the band’s illustrious catalog. Continue reading

Album Review: Morast – “Ancestral Void”


Blackened doom metal has a small kvlt following. Few bands like the approach a great deal, but when it is played without shenanigans, it is no ordeal for the listener.

Morast’s Ancestral Void is an album quite like that. It is morose, suffocating, entrenching. It is a fall from a harrowing flight down a plumbing depth of sorrow without hope of ever returning. Continue reading

Album Review: Goath – “Luciferian Goath Ritual”


There have been classic masterpieces throughout the history of the sub-genre known as black metal, since the inception of the style. There have been albums such as Darkthrone’s Transylvanian Hunger, Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, and fast-forward to later, albums such as The Ruins of Beverast’s Rain Upon the Impure, and Agalloch’s Marrow of the Spirit. Whether traditionally minimalist, or progressively evolutionary, there have been albums that astonished metal fans from top to bottom of such albums, from start to finish if you will.

Count this indescribable, throwback, yet modern, minimalist yet progressive effort in the list of history’s best black metal albums, and is also my top year-end favorite –- Goath’s Luciferian Goath Ritual, care of the rather obscure but reliable Ván Records. Continue reading

Initial Descent: January 22 – 28, 2017

The Ominous Circle
The Ominous Circle

Here we are, the best day of the week. Saturday’s are full of wonder and all that trash but here on Initial Descent they are full of metal. And this week the QUANTITY returns. Diving right in, The Ominous Circle bursts onto the death metal scene with their stellar yet essential debut Appalling Ascension and I’m calling it early this album will be on year end lists. Black Metallers The Ruins of Beverast continue to amaze on their experimental and psychedelic EP Takitum Tootem!, it may have taken Beheaded five albums — and a transformation away from just brutal death metal — to do it but on Beast Incarnate the band has officially put out the best album of their career, and The Great Old Ones return with EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy which is yet another opus of black metal and doom wrapped neatly in a veil of foggy atmosphere. So yea, great week for metalheads and we still have a long list to go, after the jump.  Continue reading