Initial Descent: November 15 – 21, 2020


Monday. A chance at a new week, new beginnings, or just more of the same. You decide. It’s all about perspective, I guess. Anyway, for new metals this week we’ve got Tombs who return with a gritty and extreme triumph over their last effort, Fuck the Facts astonish with their intense yet moody grindcore, Nader Sadek stay at the top of death metal even with an EP, and Stormkeep stoke the medieval black metal fires with some high horsepower members (do your research). 2020 will be gone before you know it but it appears we’ll be riding it out with quality releases so dig in below and find a new favorite.

Tombs – Under Sullen Skies (Season of Mist) – extreme / gritty

Fuck the Facts – Pleine Noirceur (Noise Salvation) – grind 

Nader Sadek – The Serapeum, EP (Independent) – death metal

Stormkeep – Galdrum (Ván) – medieval black metal 

Also on tap:

Aeolian – The Negationist (Black Lion) – melodic death metal

Aeternitas – Haunted Minds (WormHoleDeath / Orchard / Aural Music) – metal

Against the Grave – Bleeding You (Independent) – modern metal

Bas Rotten – Surge (Raging Planet / A Lie) – grind

Beast Within the Sound – Resistance (Slovak Metal Army) – thrash

Black Mold – The Inheritance of Evil (Helldprod Records) – black metal

Chaos E.T. Sexual – Only Human Crust (Chien Noir) – industrial

Communic – My Temple of Pride (AFM Records) – prog metal

Concede – Indoctrinate (Petrichor) – hardcore / powerviolence

Contrarian – Only Time Will Tell (Willowtip Records) – progressive death metal

Cosmonuts – Leaps of Fate (Sliptrick) – psych rock

Crawling Chaos – XLIX (Time To Kill) – death metal 

Dark Tranqullity – Moment (Century Media) – melodic death metal

Dust Prophet / Conduit – Split (Sleeping Village) – stoner

Empress – Wait ‘Til Night (Brilliant Emperor Records) – post-rock

Empyreal Sorrow – Præy (Independent) – melodic death metal

Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron (No Remorse) – heavy metal

Farer – Monad (Tartarus / Aesthetic Death) – doom / noise

Goatcraft – Mephistophelian Exordium (Hessian Firm) – death metal

Hegeroth – Perfidia (Independent) – black metal

Horncrowned – Rex Exterminii (The Hand of the Opposer) (Ketzer) – extreme

Il Rovescio della Medaglia – Contaminazione 2.0 (Jolly Roger) – metal

Ilsa – Preyer (Relapse) – death / doom

Iron Maiden – Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the Beast: Live In Mexico (BMG) live maiden

Killer Be Killed – Reluctant Hero (Nuclear Blast) – metal

King Ov Wyrms – Lord Ov Thrones (Independent) – black / death

Lie In Ruins – Floating In Timeless Streams (Dark Descent) – death metal

Light Field Reverie – Another World (Avantgarde Music) – darkwave

Liminal Shroud – Through the False Narrows (Hypnotic Dirge Records) – black metal

Lord Fist – Wilderness of Hearts (High Roller) – metal

Lords of the Drift – The Arecibo Message (Stay Gold Records) – doom

Merzbow – Screaming Dove (No Funeral) – noise

Misty Grey – Chapter II, Vinyl Issue (Interstellar Smoke) – doom

Mizmor & Andrew Black – Dialetheia (Gilead Media) – doom

My Dying Bride – Macabre Cabaret, EP (Nuclear Blast) – doom

Neige Et Noirceur – Bach – Preludium Minor (Avantgarde Music) – dark ambient

Omnivortex – Diagrams of Consciousness (Concorde Music Company) – tech death

One Dying Wish – Origami (i.corrupt) – post-hardcore

Onsegén Ensemble – Fear (Svart) – prog 

pg.lost – Oscillate (Pelagic) – metal

Ping – The Zig Zag Manoeuvre (Apollon) – rock

Reign / Rulum – The Occult (Repose Records) – black metal

Shadow Warrior  – Cyberblade (Ossuary) – heavy metal 

Skelethal – Unveiling the Threshold (Hells Headbangers) – death metal 

Sole Syndicate – Last Days of Eden (Scarlet Records) – heavy metal

Sollust – (In)Versus (Independent) – prog metal

Sonic Circus  – Everything (Independent) – prog

Stud – War of Power (Inverse) – rock

Subterraen – Rotten Human Kingdom (Transcending Obscurity) – sludge / doom

Symbtomy – Demo 1 (Immortal Souls Productions) – death metal

The Culture Industry – Middle Aged Kids (Riot) – punk

The Owl – Ambient Piano Works Vol. 1 (Trepanation Recordings) – ambient

!Tooh! – Free Speech (Lavadome) – death grind 

Toxaemia – Where Paths Divide (Emanzipation Recordings) – death metal

Wax Mekanix – Mobocracy (Electric Talon) – folk rock

When Frames Collide – Quattro, EP (X Ray) – rock

White Magician – Dealers of Divinity (Cruz Del Sur Music) – classic metal

Witchwood – Before the Winter (Jolly Roger) – metal

Without Mercy – Seismic (Independent) – death metal

Xoth – Interdimensional Invocations, Vinyl (Dawnbreed) – sci-fi tech metal

– Josh

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