Interview: Timo Ellis of Netherlands on New EP Hope Porn, Being Loud and New Label Records and Tapes Records


Following on the heels of three successful and wildly varied full lengths, Brooklyn based Netherlands will be releasing their new EP, Hope Porn, on February 9 via mastermind Timo Ellis’ new imprint Records and Tapes Records. Hope Porn isn’t as far a departure from Audubon as the hard driving Silicon Vapor was from the spastic Fantasmatic but it is some of the catchiest and more immediately accessible work the band has done to date. Which simply means the joy encountered after hearing the overwhelming energy across these six tracks is palpable. Odd time signatures, hooks big enough to hang a bridge from and excellent songwriting all come together to form a cohesive juggernaut that settles in your brain and refuses to leave — a good thing, trust me. Ahead of Hope Porn we had the opportunity to talk to Ellis about the new music, embracing ‘the loud’ and his new label imprint, among many other things. Head inside to see what he had to say and don’t forget to support the band while you’re at it.

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Album Review: Netherlands – “Audubon”

Netherlands - Audubon

So far Brooklyn’s Netherlands have defied any sort of genre classification and on third full length Audubon the band stays as slippery as ever. But in reality that’s what makes them so damn exciting in the first place. Never knowing exactly what to expect is part of the fun and this trio takes full advantage, hopping in and out of genres like chameleons. Sludge, rock, and metal all play a part but the way it’s constructed is something unique and about as addictive as that first breath of summer air after a long, cold winter. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Netherlands – “Elephuck”

Netherlands - Elephuck

Here we are again on a Monday, and it’s either going to be a good one or a rough start to the week but either way why not start it on the right foot. For this edition of Visions ov Hell we take a wild journey with Elephuck from Netherlands. Trust me when I say that after several times through this thing — it will have your brain spinning. But the sounds that follow along will have you bobbing your head as well so it’s a throughly enjoyable win – win. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Netherlands – “L.M.M.”

Netherlands - LMM

Good Monday morning to all of you searching for the correct start to this, the armpit, of all days.  You have come to the right place. For this edition of Visions ov Hell we are going on a visual journey with Brooklyn’s own Netherlands and their latest video for the track L.M.M. It’s a brutal take on a classic arcade game set over the band’s immensely catchy grooves and thunderous riffs. The video is as fun of a ride as the song is, so lets dive in… but make sure you’ve got a poncho on as this one gets a bit messy. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Netherlands – “The Bottom of the Ocean”

Netherlands - The Bottom of the Ocean

NY’s Netherlands have, over the course of two full lengths, defied categorization and easy placement into any one genre. Sludge, post-punk, psychedelic, progressive and rock are all tags that fit but to wrap it up with a bow and call it ‘X’ is difficult if not impossible. I’m just going with different and immensely addictive. The band has signed with Prosthetic and will be releasing their third full length Audubon this spring. In the meantime, the video for their heavily satisfying lead off single “The Bottom of the Ocean” is the focus of this Visions ov Hell and will serve as the extra shot of caffeine needed for a Monday morning. Continue reading