Visions ov Hell: Netherlands – “L.M.M.”

Netherlands - LMM

Good Monday morning to all of you searching for the correct start to this, the armpit, of all days.  You have come to the right place. For this edition of Visions ov Hell we are going on a visual journey with Brooklyn’s own Netherlands and their latest video for the track L.M.M. It’s a brutal take on a classic arcade game set over the band’s immensely catchy grooves and thunderous riffs. The video is as fun of a ride as the song is, so lets dive in… but make sure you’ve got a poncho on as this one gets a bit messy.

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Netherlands for this piece so go here and consider it a double for Monday’s sake. Because after all we love all you readers and are here to give you the most bang for the buck. This bands progression over two full lengths is nothing short of amazing and truthfully I’m absolutely hooked on them. Thankfully for me and for you their third full length is due out next month and features this track.

We open with vocalist Timo Ellis and drummer Zach Eichenhorn gearing up for what will become a messy game of whack-a-mole. Ava Farber (synthbass) is on the game screen antagonizing our two players into either playing hard or submitting. But these players have big hammers and not the stuffed fake ones either. As the game starts the ‘moles’ turn out to be some sort of nasty and wet looking alien life forms which of course makes you automatically cheer for our two contestants. With lightning speed they hammer away on the ‘moles’ as their high scores go through the roof. The screen in front of them changes from Farber egging them on to renderings of the players faces morphing third eyes and elongated heads. From moles, wine glasses filled with blood, plants, and of course the carcasses of the moles that have now been beaten into oblivion, our contestants hammer away with blood and fragments exploding into the air and onto every surface. Having beaten the game and then each other in Mortal Kombat-esque ending,  they both leave the game with loads of carnival game tickets to give to Farber who is now in charge of the reward center.


As for the actual song, it begins slow and sludgy with a large emphasis on the fuzz. And Ellis’s vocals — as usual — are in fine form as he soars through the opening. His melodic vocals tear away from the fuzz and elevate the track to another level entirely. The tempo rises with oddly timed riffs and punchy percussion. But it’s Farber’s synth bass that anchors the song. The band would be another beast entirely without Farber’s deep seated sound.

Netherlands enlisted Sami Jano and Steve Meierding to direct this stunning visual juggernaut and they, as well as their work, can be found here. Just like their last video that was directed by Frank Huang this one is yet another piece in the tantalizing and entertaining puzzle that is Netherlands. Without further ado hit play below and enjoy. Oh and don’t forget to pick up their third full length Audubon next month. Trust me when I say, if you’re looking for something different from the norm that is infectious, moody, and heavy you will absolutely be glad you grabbed it. You can thank us later.


Audubon will be available June 17 on Prosthetic Records. For more information on Netherlands visit the band’s official website.

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