Profile: Andrew Field of APF Records

Andrew Field APF Records

APF Records, based out of the United Kingdom, is an extremely young record label that caters to doom, stoner and sludge metal. But the fact that the label is young means absolutely nothing when they’ve released albums from heavyweights such as Mastiff, Under, Diesel King and most recently BongCauldron. And that’s just to name a few. Basically wherever the riffs are heavy, loud and thick is where you’ll find APF and they’re growing by leaps and bounds. One look at their Bandcamp page and the amount of releases since March is impressive. We recently were afforded the opportunity to get our set of Profile questions in front of owner Andrew Field and not only did he take the time to answer but was generous with his responses. Read on to see what he had to say and be sure to keep APF Records on your radar. Continue reading

Profile: Tom (& Co.) of Allfather

Allfather are a sludge-filled doom  band that just the right amount of hardcore influences on their releases. Based in the United Kingdom, Allfather is a beast of social media. Frontman, Tom, spends hours interacting with fans, responding to questions and generally being a cog in the wheel of positivity in the global metal scene. Thus, since Tom has been such a wonderful part of Twitter and, in an uncommon twist, his band actually backs it up with great music, we decided to take some time to profile Tom so you could get to know him as a person. Tom took it upon himself, in his kind and wonderful way, to include the entire band and get some pretty hilarious and great answers. Also, if you haven’t heard Allfather yet, we embedded a few of their releases throughout so you could wet your appetite. You can even check out a video here. Continue reading

Album Review: Crom Dubh – “Heimweh”

crom dubh heimweh

The black metal scene in the United Kingdom has been bursting with winners lately, with bands like Winterfylleth, Saor and Fen all putting out exceptionally melodic, dark albums over the past twelve months. Those bands and other UK brethren absolutely know how to use melody to brighten up their work without destroying its dark undercurrent. They don’t sit back and play the classic black metal of Scandinavia or Eastern Europe. Instead, the UK scene has taken black metal, specifically pagan black metal, to their firmly-held throne room of melody. And on their debut LP, Heimweh, London quartet Crom Dubh certainly don’t let their genre-mates, countrymen, or listeners down on this front.
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