Initial Descent: September 3 – 9, 2017


Hurricanes can suck it, we’ve had enough but there’s more to come. If you’re in the path of this damn thing get yourself out of harm’s way, it’s not worth trying to pull a Captain Dan. Harsh times call for harsh music and we have plenty of that on this edition of Initial Descent. Leading the way is the UK’s Helpless with their debut full length Debt and honestly this album took me completely by surprise with a brutal mix of grind, hardcore and noise — I can’t recommend this one enough. Next up is the absolutely dark and nasty funeral doom of Usnea‘s Portals into Futility, this band never cease to amaze with their level of utter desparity. Moving on and closing out the opening spots, we have another top shelf surprise with the extremely dark black metal of Biesy on their debut full length Noc Lekkich Obyczajów and honestly this is 42 minutes that will keep you GLUED to the speakers or headphones or whatever you choose to jam it on. But as usual that’s not all so read on to find more that will inevitably become favorites with us. Continue reading

Album Review: Usnea – “Portals Into Futility”

usnea portals into futility cover

Everybody has that list of bands that they swear they’re going to check out at some point, I just need time, I’m just busy with work, I swear I’ll get to them tomorrow, repeat ad infinitum.  One of the bands who sat at the top of my own such list for a good deal of time was Portland, OR’s Usnea.  I’m an absolute sucker for anything funeral doom, so it seems absurd that I had not given this band more than a casual glance yet.  Fortunately, I have a chance to fix that now that the band is set to release their new album, Portals Into Futilitynext week.    Continue reading