Best of 2015: Schuler’s Top 10 Cave-Dwellers

Best 2015

This past year’s been a good one for me as far as music writing goes. Following the early 2015 demise of a site I wrote for with some friends, I wormed my way into regular contributor gigs at three online metal blogs/pubs, all of which I was already a fan. It’s been a good year for metal, too. I’m not gonna lie and say 2015 blew my dick off the way 2014 did… because it just didn’t. But that’s not to say I didn’t hear some killer new shit this year, as well as find out about a handful of new, promising acts with which I wasn’t yet familiar. Continue reading

CANTO: Fear Factory punch down, Iron Maiden tease new single, and more!

fear factory band

Friday at last. Good lord, it’ll be nice to get out of the office. Let’s get right to that. Here’s what we missed today:

“The Watch” will feature on the band’s new album, True Will, which drops October 16 on New Damage Records. That’s all for me. Later, kids.

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