Album Review: Abraham — “Débris de mondes perdus”

Have you ever tasted palpable rage and pain, where it just radiates from a person, and you visibly had to move out of their way?  Highly emotive music that radiates that sort of emotion means that there is something barely contained underneath the surface, and it becomes the perfect soundtrack when you are angry and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Abraham’s Débris de mondes perdus is an album that barely disguises its contempt and lament for something that happened, and, at the heart of it all, the onset of its rage is justified.

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CANTO: Absent In Body, Ignite, Abraham, and More

I have acquired a dog named Athena that looks like Abbath. Life is weird.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Green Carnation, Beartooth, Abraham, and More

And thus begins another foray into five days of doom and despair.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 41 (5.21.2018)


It’s Monday. I got nothing.

We’ve got a loaded list today since last week we round-tabled on Panopticon, which you can take a listen to here. Spoiler alert: it was a lot of fun. And we’ve already got a plan for the next one so stay tuned for that. Head on over to our YouTube channel to subscribe then hit the play button below along with your mega sized cup of coffee. Oh, and let’s up the ante; hit us in the comments with your faves from the past week or two. We’d love to know what we’re missing out on but also to listen right along with you. See you here this week. Continue reading