The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Baroness was June 2019’s Album of the Month!

Episode 25! How the hell did we make 25 of these?! It boggles the mind, but not as much as the production choices on Gold & Grey, the latest from Savannah’s rocking sludge merchants Baroness and not coincidentally our Album of the Month selection for June 2019! Continue reading

Initial Descent: June 9 – 15, 2019


With summer in full swing, families overcrowding vacation destinations and the rest of still toeing the line, some things change yet others stay the same. Such is life. Make the most of it or someone else will…and make you pay for it. The more you know right? Speaking of things that DON’T change, metal keeps toeing the line but man has it ever been a banner year. As long as it keeps toeing THIS kind of line I’m all about it. With that said, we’ve got tons MORE new stuff this week starting off with death metallers Beheaded’s and their best album to date, Sadistic Ritual holds a class on how thrash is done in Hotlanta, Temple Koludra bring the tribal to blackened death metal, and Baroness continue to ride the skinny rail between metal and rock. Wait, you’re surprised? Surely not. But rest assured, if the last couple of “colors” were your bag, this “double dose of color” will be too.

Shorter and sweeter is what this intro is. Love it? Hate it? Tell us all about it in the comments section below. Or don’t. Continue reading

Album Review: Baroness – “Purple”

Baroness - Purple - John BaizleyLong-time underground metal favorites Baroness have come forth with a long-awaited comeback record, Purple. After the devastating bus accident the band suffered in late 2012, no one was sure if we would ever again be graced with new Baroness. John Baizley and company have not merely survived the tragedy, but they have fought their way back to their craft with purpose, resolve, and strength.

Baroness has never been afraid to take chances and evolve as musicians. Some fans of their earlier records like First and Second or  even Red and Blue seem to have felt cheated by Baroness’ previous release Yellow and Green, the double album from 2012. It took me months to shake my disappointment in the band’s musical exploration on Yellow and Green to get to a point where I appreciated their growth and need to challenge themselves. I was worried that I would feel the same way with Purple and that it would take significant time to grow on me. I am pleased to say that I could not have been more wrong. Continue reading

Initial Descent: December 18, 2015


Did you miss me here last week? Ha! Of course you didn’t. But either way…oh hey, it’s the last Initial Descent of the year! That’s right, with Christmas coming up next Friday and New Year’s Day the Friday after that, there’s not a chance in hell I’ll be blogging. Sorry, not sorry, bands that wait ’til the last minute (or, I suppose, the very first minute) to release their albums.

So all that said, good on Baroness for sneaking their new album in before my personal deadline! Take a look at that and everything else we’ve got dropping this week after the jump:
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