Album Review: Lucifera – “La Caceria De Brujas”

Lucifera - La Caceria De Brujas

Sometimes you just want that nasty shit, amirite?  Toss away the time changes, the exotic instruments and the polished production, get those choirs and orchestras right out the door.  Grab some beer, head to the nearest dank and sweaty basement and just blast until the sun rises.  Step into the light with the king of all hangovers and the festering rot of a thousand razor sharps cuts from all the riffing.  That was me the first time I heard Colombia’s Lucifera back in 2017.  And I’m happy but sore to report that two years later nothing’s changed with new album La Caceria De Brujas. Continue reading

Album Review: Nepente – “I Will Get Your Soul”

nepente i will get your soul

I’ve got some thoughts on brain death, but before we get into that, let’s bring up the new EP from Nepente, entitled I Will Get Your Soul. The band combines elements of death metal, grindcore and some hardcore, and while the EP’s only got four songs—and a mere 22-minute run time—it’ll still most likely ruin your sanity and leave you drooling on your keyboard. In essence, the title’s pretty accurate; this thing has the potential to actually steal your soul.

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