Album Review: Lucifera – “La Caceria De Brujas”

Lucifera - La Caceria De Brujas

Sometimes you just want that nasty shit, amirite?  Toss away the time changes, the exotic instruments and the polished production, get those choirs and orchestras right out the door.  Grab some beer, head to the nearest dank and sweaty basement and just blast until the sun rises.  Step into the light with the king of all hangovers and the festering rot of a thousand razor sharps cuts from all the riffing.  That was me the first time I heard Colombia’s Lucifera back in 2017.  And I’m happy but sore to report that two years later nothing’s changed with new album La Caceria De Brujas.

The pedigree of South American metal has never been in doubt, but it’s good to see bands like Lucifera carrying the torch first raised by the likes of Sepultura, Korzus, and Sarcafago.  Working in different configurations the band kicked things off in 2015 with Después de la muerte, a low rumbling beast of chugging riffs and bowel-curdling vocals that has a loose, rock and roll vibe that would be considerably tightened by the time of 2017’s Preludio de mal, with the band condensed to a two-piece and the riffs razor sharp and dripping with misanthropy.  The thrash is much more up front, but so are the gut-wrenching screams.  It’s well worth seeking out tracks like the revolving “Tiempos Siniestros” and the evil pulse of “El Señor de las Moscas.”

Upon first listen La Caceria De Brujas sounds like a fuller, more robust version of the previous album, mirrored in the full color artwork versus the more vile, black and white sketches that adorned Preludio de mal.  “Arde En Llamas” is not, in fact, about llamas, but is translated to “Burning in Flames” and it is suitably burnt in tone, alternating between whiplash verses and brutal battering choruses.  Churchbells, tremolo guitar lines, and a skanked out drum beat are all part of the arsenal, and as La Caceria De Brujas continues the potent combination of David HellRazor (guitar & composition) and Alejandra Blasfemia (vocals & bass) are realized.  And with eight songs clocking in at a brisk 38 minutes there aren’t any wasted seconds.  Standouts like the rapid fire “Sigillum Diaboli” and the more atmospheric closer “Evocación Del Caos” reveal nuances and facets to the pair’s songwriting that other straight up blackened thrash bands leave behind.


Truth be told, there are moments when I wish there was a little less polish, a little more of the rebel punk vibe from La Caceria De Brujas, but it’s a minor quibble at best when the songs are this strong.  Lucifera inhabit a spirit and ethos that revels in battle vest heroics and a devilish sense of fun that makes their music a blast no matter what frame of mind you’re currently residing in. Mix these songs into any metal playlist and when it comes on, guaranteed you’re going to thrash.


La Caceria De Brujas is available February 25 from Dunkelheit Produktionen.  For more information on Lucifera check out their Facebook page.

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