Album Review: Iron Reagan – “Crossover Ministry”


I don’t deal in astrology. The practice of metaphysics and premonition sit on a dusty shelf of my misspent youth, next to mood rings, crystals, Magic Eight Balls and a tattered copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. What I’m saying is, I don’t believe in prophecy, in the mystical alignment of stars and portents heralding a hidden hand, a destined confluence of events. And yet…can it truly be coincidence that now, when the last two weeks have seemingly brought one harbinger of the apocalypse after the other, that we the people are blessed with Crossover Ministry, the new album from Iron Reagan? Am I to next pay more mind to the rain of frogs making its way inland from the eastern seaboard? Time will tell… Continue reading

Album Review: Ghoul – “Dungeon Bastards”

ghoul dungeon bastards album cover

A mad scientist reveals a patrol of wolf-headed soldiers. Four masked creatures worship some sort of radioactive slug emerging in front of a severed head. And then, front and center, a gas-mask-wearing, cudgel-wielding demon figure forebodingly raises some sort of…anchor? If all this seems to toe the line between creepy and tongue-in-cheek, well…it’s all from the cover illustration of Dungeon Bastards, the latest album from Ghoul. And luckily for listeners, the band’s latest set toes that line nicely as well — setting campy horror themes overtop some of the catchiest tunes the band’s given us to date.  Continue reading