Album Review: Crypt Rot — “An Ancient Summoning”

An Ancient Summoning, the debut full length from Welsh death metal band Crypt Rot, opens with the sound of Justin Wallisch’s stampeding drums. Guitarist and bassist Tom Hughes starts laying down the punishing riffs. It’s the kind of intensity you want to start a death metal album. Finally, Kyle Shaun Thomas’ vocals start and the song kind of falls apart. Does Thomas have a death metal growl and/or bark? Yes. Do these vocals work with the music behind him? The best descriptor for the vocals on most of the album is Death Metal Muppet. They bounce around trying to match the riffs and the melody. It sounds like someone playing catch up.  This is the work of a band trying to find it’s feet. So, we’ll start there.

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Initial Descent: August 29 – September 4, 2021

Literally no words for all the goings on that are going on….and now the scenes coming out of Louisiana are just beyond words. Thoughts are with everyone affected by Ida. Moving on, new release time and we got them. Deathdoomsters Wharflurch are up with their sickening (in a good way, of course) full length debut, so go and get your Flurch’ on. More deathdoom in store from the UK’s Slimelord which based on their last EP, this EP will be a good time (side note: it is). Then we’ve got a pair of heavy metal’s finest with a single from Lady Beast and another entry from Portrait, both are excellent and make for one hell of a good time. So, there’s a thread here; although the world around us is in total disarray there’s still good times to be had with metal. Score. That’s your top four, but stick around for the rest of the list. What’s that? Where’s Maiden you say? It’s in there, just not up top. Deal with it.

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Initial Descent: June 27 – July 3, 2021


Much like past new release lists of late, this is another one as packed as I am when readying bourbon for a vacation…or just a weekend away…or, you get the idea. Anyway, Diabolizer kick things off with one of the best examples of ass kickin’, speed demon death metal that I’ve heard all year. ALL. YEAR. Next up, Sewer Fiend get nasty on their all too quick death metal EP that I wish had at least 30 more minutes of runtime, Year of No Light continue to expand post-metal’s limits, and brutal death metallers Anthropophagus Depravity (say that 10 times fast) snap necks and cash checks. I DON’T KNOW, it just came out of my head, sounded good, and here we are. Moving on, the comment section is open so you can flood us with all the shit we missed or need to hear. After all, we’re one site and can’t know or hear them all despite what anyone else tells you. Pop a top, folks.

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Album Review: Cloud Rat//Disrotted – “Split”

Cloud Rat//Disrotted - Split

Cloud Rat sometimes sound like punk grindfreaks, but they don’t sound that way on this commemorative split release care of Halo of Flies and Dry Cough Records.  You might anticipate that Disrotted will go at a funeral pace, since they’ve been a doom band from the beginning, but Cloud Rat serve fans notice that they’re likely to change style fitting for their creative impulses.  It teaches us not to expect things, which sometimes results in pigeonholing a band for doing one thing distinct.

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Initial Descent: January 1 – 7, 2017


First off, our hearts go out to all those affected by the shooting spree at Fort Lauderdale Airport. This is a senseless and disgusting act that will leave an indelible mark on many survivors. Our thoughts are with you.

Hard to talk or think about much else but we do have several new releases that will avert your mind from atrocities elsewhere. This week we have XIII from Mordskog and its a scathing and ferocious black metal album that will have fans of the second wave cheering, Endless Floods goes the total opposite direction on the droning and ambient doom of II and The Vomiting Dinosaurs blend death, thrash and grindcore in a refreshing and extremely catchy kind of way on Exoplanets. That’s not all, see what else is in store after the jump. Continue reading