Initial Descent: June 27 – July 3, 2021


Much like past new release lists of late, this is another one as packed as I am when readying bourbon for a vacation…or just a weekend away…or, you get the idea. Anyway, Diabolizer kick things off with one of the best examples of ass kickin’, speed demon death metal that I’ve heard all year. ALL. YEAR. Next up, Sewer Fiend get nasty on their all too quick death metal EP that I wish had at least 30 more minutes of runtime, Year of No Light continue to expand post-metal’s limits, and brutal death metallers Anthropophagus Depravity (say that 10 times fast) snap necks and cash checks. I DON’T KNOW, it just came out of my head, sounded good, and here we are. Moving on, the comment section is open so you can flood us with all the shit we missed or need to hear. After all, we’re one site and can’t know or hear them all despite what anyone else tells you. Pop a top, folks.

Diabolizer – Khalkedonian Death (Everlasting Spew Records) – death metal

Sewer Fiend - Echoes From the Cistern

Sewer Fiend – Echoes From The Cistern (Dry Cough Records / Sewer Rot Records) – death metal

(go here and hope for a stream, trust me)

Year of No Light – Consolamentum (Pelagic) – post-metal

Anthropophagus Depravity – Apocalypto (Comatose Music) – brutal death

Also on tap:

Antolagi – Chronicles of Catastrophe (Vrykoblast Productions) – metal

Arcane Sun – S/T (Sentinel Records) – atmospheric doom/death

Assault – Aevum Et IIustrata (Eastbreath Records) – melodic death metal

At The Gates – The Nightmare of Being (Century Media) – death metal

Bizarrekult – Vi Overlevde (Petrichor) – post-black metal

Blood of the Phoenix – From What We Used To Know (Independent) – metal

Burning Darkness – Dödens Makt (Non Serviam Records) – black metal

Concilium – Desecration (Sentient Ruin) – black / death

Drawn and Quartered – Congregation Pestilence (Krucyator Productions) – death metal

Dream Tröll – Realm of the Tormenter (Independent) – rock

Duvel – S/T (Fysisk Format) – post-punk

EnforcE – Deep Blue (Independent) – metal

Euthanized – Sanguine Spectacle (Helldprod Records) – death metal

Evil In – An Ethereal Force Beyond (Independent) – death / thrash

Felled – The Intimate Earth (Transcending Obscurity) – folk / black metal

Fermentor – Continuance (Metal Assault) – death metal

Funeral Chasm – Omniversal Existence (Aesthetic Death) – doom

Godhead Machinery – Masquerade Among Gods (Black Lion) – black / death

Heavy Metal Addicted – Criminal Ways (Murder Records) – black n’ roll

Hnagash – Ritual Over the Grave, CD Issue(Personal Records) – death metal

Kvasir – 4 (Glory or Death) – doom / heavy

Mannveira – Vitahringur (Dark Descent) – black metal

Mondo Generator – Live at Bronson (Heavy Psych Sounds) – metal

Mordian – January Moon (Independent) – goth

Noctambulist – The Barren Form (Willowtip) – black / death

OLÓRIN – Through Shadow and Flame (Rafchild Records) – doom

Paradise Lost – Draconian Times MMXI Live (Birth Ritual) – doom

postcards from new zealand – city islands (Mandrone) – atmospheric

Rocking Corpses – Death Blues (Inverse) – horror metal

Ruach Raah – Misanthropic Wolfgang (Signal Rex) – black metal

S.A.A.P.S.S.S. – Reprisals (Trepanation Recordings) – chiptune / synthwave

Sea Mosquito – Fire, Magic & Venom (Onism Productions) – black metal

Sun Crow – Quest for Oblivion (Ripple Music) – doom / blues

Taake – Avvik (Dark Essence) – black metal

The Black Thunder – Into the Darkness We Fall (Defense / Mythrone) – sludge 

Thy Darkened Shade/Amestigon/Inconcessus Lux Lucis/Shaarimoth – SamaeLilith: A Conjunction of the Fireborn (W.T.C. Productions) – black metal 

Vanta – Zero Kelvin (Independent) – doom / sludge

Virtual Symmetry – Exoverse Live – Out of the Shadow (Independent) – prog metal

Voland – Царепоклонство – Il culto degli Zar (Xenoglossy Productions) – symphonic black metal

Vrykolakas – And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos & Destruction (Dark Blaphemies / Vidar / Sadist) – metal


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