Album Review: Cloud Rat//Disrotted – “Split”

Cloud Rat//Disrotted - Split

Cloud Rat sometimes sound like punk grindfreaks, but they don’t sound that way on this commemorative split release care of Halo of Flies and Dry Cough Records.  You might anticipate that Disrotted will go at a funeral pace, since they’ve been a doom band from the beginning, but Cloud Rat serve fans notice that they’re likely to change style fitting for their creative impulses.  It teaches us not to expect things, which sometimes results in pigeonholing a band for doing one thing distinct.

Both bands explore drone, doom and heavy noise on this split.  Both bands are hardworking, and both labels work under that same philosophy.  Cloud Rat open things with screeching vocals and heavy guitar downpicks.  They send the walls tumbling down every five minutes of their track’s eighteen-minute runtime, and the ending is an absolute noise and guitar vortex that is worth anticipating.  Cloud Rat are just as weird as they’ve ever been.  They don’t play standard fare metal with a distinct stereotype.  In fact, they drown expectations in battery acid on this split release.  And while the music comes unexpected, there is something to hear even just once or twice if you aren’t necessarily an extreme music fan that can’t stand anything but Cradle of Filth.

Disrotted presents a different story.  They are known for lurching funeral doom that errs on heavy and dissonant.  They don’t play like the Pallbearer school of doom metal.  They don’t experiment with acoustic instruments.  And neither do they play around with melancholic melodies.  They send the mountains crashing down in an avalanche headed for a heavily populated village.  If you can’t stand slow funeral doom of the heavy sort, best you move on and skip the word extreme when conducting keyword searches to discover new music.

Both tracks showcase new music from both bands.  It is Halo of Flies 100th release, and Dry Cough Records’ 30th.  Show these two heavy noise polluters some love by supporting this doom noise release of egregious tones.  Cloud Rat explore dissonant rhythms on their downpicks and Disrotted play funeral pace at the speed of decomposition.  No pseudo-Satanic ideology complicating matters, these bands just want to create heavy music that most fans will find too obscure for their tastes.  These bands know they’re not the trend, so kick All That Remains in the teeth and play this split instead of alt-right primitivist ideological nonsense to stomach in lieu of an intelligent band’s lyrics.  All hail Cloud Rat and Disrotted, purveyors of trve extreme music inappropriate for the masses.

– Al Necro

This split is available now on Halo of Flies and Dry Cough Records. For more information on Cloud Rat visit their official website and for more information on Disrotted visit their Facebook page.

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